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Veer Ki Ardaas - Veera: November 25th Written Episode

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Veer Ki Ardaas - Veera starts with a child asking his parents when will their car get corrected. Little girl calls her brother and inquires about Pritampura written as Ranveerpura in the board. Meanwhile, in the Gurudwara, people read Ranveer's letter to God, thanking him for giving his sister Veera all the happiness.

Ranveer is seen cleaning shoes in front of Gurudwara, to which people say that it is hard to find such people who are ready to help others always. Ranveer tells them that God has given him his most beautiful creation Veera, so this is his way of thanking God. Ratan is repairing her tractor when chaiji asks her which bedsheet to be put up on Veera's bed. Ratan does not respond to it to which chaiji says that it is high time she should forget all that has happened in the past as Veera is not the one to be blamed.

Veer Ki Ardaas Veera

Ranveer comes and gives prasad to Ratan and chaiji. He tells Ratan that she need not go out as he has already done all the work. To this, Ratan asks chaiji that when did her Ranveer grow up and became so responsible.

Balveer is seen trading with people for his wheat stock, but disagrees to the amount paid by the people. Ranveer explains him that he is wrong and he should stick by his words and agree to the amount he had earlier told them. Balveer apologises to the people and agrees at the prior rate as Ranveer is his best friend and he could do nothing against him. A blind man asks Ranveer whether he is Sampuran Singh's son, Ranveer is shocked listening to this and the blind man says that only the son of Sampuran can potray such an act of kindness.

Ranveer is making the board of krashi vidyalaya when Ratan enters the scene. He asks his mother about she being out at this time. Ratan tells him that she was worried about him and which brought her here. Ranveer shows her the board and tells that once Veera is back she would complete the dream of their papaji.

New Veera enters the scene bursting crackers in her college campus and running away. She enters the boys hostel to meet her friend who is practicing archery on the terrace. They argue over Veera's phone which is with Arjun. Arjun tells that he would return the phone only at one condition, he wants Veera to keep the apple on her head and he would aim at it.

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