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Veer Ki Ardaas - Veera: November 28th Written Episode

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Veer Ki Ardaas-Veera starts with Ranveer and Veera talking in excitement about the graduation day that is to happen in Veera's college soon. Veera goes to get ready for her event and is seen with her friends in the girl's washroom where they all are excites to meet Veera's handsome brother.

Ranveer carrying the lamb goes to the men's washroom and meets Veera's friend Karan there. Karan is unaware that Ranveer is Veera's brother and lands up in an argument with him in the washroom. He pushes Ranveer, who gets a scratch mark over his hand and makes fun of him as Ranveer was carrying a lamb over his shoulder.

Veer Ki Ardaas Veera

Veera waits for Ranveer in the corridor and after meeting him hands over the black sweater to him so that he could change for the graduation ceremony.

In the graduation ceremony all the outstanding students get awards and one among them is Veera. After being forced by her friends she finally goes up to the stage. When the educational minister hands over the award to her she refuses to it and tells that she would take the award only from her anokhi-maa Ranveer as he is the one responsible for Veera reaching to this level.

She calls Ranveer up on the stage, Ranveer eventually refuses but later agrees to it. The whole auditorium is glad seeing Veera's brother of whom she has always praised about. Karan is shocked seeing that the guy whom he fought with was Veera's brother and regrets over what he had done.

Ranveer and Veera both talk about each others contribution in their lives and get emotional over it. Veera introduces all her friends to Ranveer but Karan is the only one who hides from her as he was scared to admit what he had done. Ranveer is seen a bit uncomfortable with all the girls around paying him extra attention to which he was never use to

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