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Jodha Akbar: January 1st Written Episode - Jalal Escape Death From Benazir!

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Jodha Akbar January 1st Episode Written Update: Jalal’s brother searches the room of the dead staff and gets the letter of Benazir. Rahim waits for his Mirza Chacha, Jalal’s brother. Rahim has made a puzzle. Jodha asks Mirza to solve the puzzle. The puzzle contains Jodha’s name hidden in the first letter of every line of it. Incidentally it has a resemblance with the content of Benazir's letter. Mirza asks Jodha about Benazir’s religion. He is puzzled by the content and language of the letter.

Rukaiya is angry with Jalal as he has said that he doesn’t need any advice from the Begums, in any issue. Moreover, he allows Benazir in the discussion about the wrestling competition. Rukaiya knows that Jalal’s intention was to insult Jodha Begum but she doesn’t like to include everyone in it.

Jodha Akbar

Benazir plans to kill Jalal. Benazir licks a flower and it turns blue. She confirms that she has enough poison to kill Jalal. Benazir visits Jalal’s room. She goes to kiss him, but Rukaiya arrives in the midst. Jalal is narrowly saved this time. Benazir leaves the place. Rukaiya complains about Jalal’s behaviour. Jalal says he will redress it.

People gather in the wrestling field. It is announced that Imtiaz Khan, who has challenged the power of the Mughals, will fight with three Mughal wrestlers. If he loses he will become a slave to the Mughal Empire. The fight starts. Imtiaz Khan defeats two wrestlers.

Now Jalal himself wants to fight with him. Mahamanga prevents him from doing so and suggests to call Adam Khan, her son. Mahamanga is looking for a scope to take him out of the prison.

Jalal wants Begum Rukaiya’s advice as Adam Khan was sent behind the bars for bringing an insult to Begum Rukaiya’s marriage with himself. Rukaiya also says that the Mughal Emperor cannot just fight with any man from anywhere. It will give a wrong message to everyone. Rukaiya says she can forgive Adam Khan, for the sake of the Mughal empire.

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