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      Jodha Akbar: 16th January Written Episode


      Jodha Akbar 16th January written Episode: Akbar calls Jodha’s father King Varmal and accuses him of hiding the fact of Shivani’s love affair with Tejwant. Varmal admits his fault. Akbar sends him to prison. Mirza tries to prevent this but he fails. The whole family of Jodha is insulted to a great extent. Maha Manga and Begum Rukaiya are pleased to see that Jodha’s father is punished.

      Mirza tells Akbar that love is a thing that can be the greatest power in human being as well as the greatest weakness. When a person is in true love, he or she cannot discriminate between a king and a beggar. He also says that it would have been worse, if it were exposed after the marriage. Three lives would have been destroyed in that case.

      Jodha Akbar

      Mirza again tells Akbar that if Akbar punishes Shivani and her lover, he would be hurt to a great extent, as he loves Shivani. He explains that love is such a thing that if one hurts his lover, the pain is ultimately inflicted upon himself.

      Mirza again appeals to Akbar, to set King Varmal free. He reminds Akbar that it is Akbar’s principle that the person, who is affected by a wrong deed, has the sole right to pardon the wrong doer, like Begum Rukaiya has pardoned Adam Khan. Jodha too makes an appeal to Akbar to pardon her father. Later when Jodha is repenting and regretting the incidents, she is informed by an attendant that her father has been pardoned. Akbar has given him permission to go back to Ajmer.

      Akbar’s mother meets King Varmal and his family. She shows a lot of empathy to them. After she leaves, Jodha comes and tells her father that he should have told her everything. She says that, being the Begum of Akbar, she will never pardon her father for bringing an insult upon the Mughal dynasty.

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