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Jodha Akbar: 21st January Written Episode

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Jodha Akbar 21st January written Episode: Jodha becomes busy with the preparation of Shiv Ratri. She requests Akbar to join her as this ritual is celebrated by a woman, for the well-being of her husband. Akbar rudely refuses her and tells her that as she has not accepted Akbar from her heart, then there is no point of celebrating some religious events for this relationship.

Akbar comes to Rukaiya’s chamber to find some comfort and solace, when turmoil is going on everywhere. Rukaiya vehemently complains about his softness towards Jodha. She suggests that Jodha should be ousted from the palace immediately, as her family has brought an insult to the Mughal dynasty. She apologises to Akbar for such reaction and tries to pacify him in his moment of crisis. She instructs the gatekeepers to allow no one inside, for the night.

Jodha Akbar

In the Shiv Mandir, Jodha is surprised to see Benazir and secretly follows her. Benazir takes a snake from a snake-charmer’s basket inside the temple. She goes to a deserted place and intakes snake’s poison. Jodha is awfully frightened to see this. She remembers Mirza’s words about a snake-woman, a Bishkanya.

Jodha rushes to Akbar’s chamber and comes to know that he is spending time with Rukaiya. Rukaiya does not allow Jodha to go inside. Rukaiya complains that Jodha is trying to become special to Akbar and so Rukaiya would definitely do something to oust her from the palace.

Benazir comes to know that she cannot meet Akbar as the Emperor is with his Chief Empress, Begum-e-khas. But she is desperate to kill Akbar at the quickest possible, as she has managed to take snake’s poison after a hard effort. On the other hand, Jodha Begum sits under the sky and waits to meet Akbar and save his life.

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