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Jodha Akbar: 23rd January Written Episode; Akbar To Marry Benazir!

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Jodha Akbar 23rd January written Episode: Maha Manga comes to know that Benazir and Zakira are going to visit the Darga. She recruits some men to spread the news among common people, that Benazir is a serpent-woman and she has come to Agra to kill Akbar. The angry mob will stone her to death. As per her plan the news gets spread and people start throwing stones on Benazir. Maha Manga reaches the venue with soldiers and recues her. Benazir flees and the soldiers chase her. She jumps into a well and the soldiers rescue her.

Everyone is called to the Darwar of Akbar. Akbar rebukes Benazir for trying to commit suicide. He tells her that it is his duty to protect the women of his palace, if Benazir dies in this way, it would be a great shame for him. Benazir tells him that she has no other option after being blamed as a Bishkanya. Maha Manga reprimands Jodha for her act. She establishes that Benazir’s life was at risk, due to a baseless rumour spread by Jodha.

Jodha Akbar

Maha Manga proposes that Akbar should marry Benazir off to an eligible man. If the man stays alive after the marriage, it would be proved that Benazir is a normal woman and she would be able to live a happy and peaceful life. Benazir says that no man will ever dare to marry her after hearing that she is a serpent woman, only Emperor Akbar can do this.

Akbar gets stunned at this proposal and he reminds Benazir that she is a maid servant. Rukaiya Begum stands for Benazir. She tells Akbar that an Emperor can marry for different reasons—for friendship, for love, to stop war or to rescue someone from a wretched condition. In this case, Akbar should marry Benazir to give her a normal life.

Jodha strongly opposes to this and Rukaiya insults her in front of everyone. Rukaiya says that Jodha has no right to give her opinion as a wife, as she has not accepted Akbar from her heart. Akbar supports Rukaiya and insults Jodha. He finally agrees to marry Benazir.

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