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Jodha Akbar: 29th January Written Episode; Maham Anga Supports Jodha!

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Jodha Akbar 29th January written Episode: Adam Khan comes to know that Benazir is truly a serpent woman. He is happy to know that somebody is trying to kill Akbar. He misguides Akbar saying that the well water has been poisoned as some snakes have died inside the water. He meets Benazir and tells her to complete her mission as soon as possible.

Adam Khan alerts Benazir about Maha Manga and Jodha Begum. He says that Maha Manga loves Akbar a lot and if she comes to know that Benazir is going to take Akbar’s life, no one would be worse than her.

Jodha Akbar

Adam Khan reveals his plan to his men. He says that as soon as Benazir kills Akbar, his men should kill Abul Mali, who is aiming for the throne. Thus Adam’s way to the throne would become clear.

Rukaiya Begum is troubled about the fact that in spite of disliking Jodha, Akbar never avoids talking with her. Maha Manga says that Jodha’s apartment is very close to that of Akbar and so Akbar meets her frequently. She suggests that Rukaiya must shift Jodha to some other room, so that she can seldom meet Akbar.

Jodha denies giving any gift to Benzir for the marriage, when Akbar tells her to do so. Rukaiya tells Jodha that she has to shift to some other room and leave her room for Benazir, the new bride of Akbar. Jodha is extremely hurt and insulted by this. She thinks that Akbar has knowledge about the fact and it is he who is banishing her from her room.

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