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Jodha Akbar: 7th January Written Episode; Jalal Sees Jodha In Benazir!

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Jodha Akbar 7th January written Episode: Jodha decides to disclose everything about Sharifuddin’s message to Jalal, even if he punishes her for meeting Sharifuddin secretly it is fine since Jalal’s life is her priority over everything.

Celebration party starts. Benazir starts dancing and seducing the Emperor. She is looking for a scope to attack and assassinate him by her poison. Jodha tries to meet Jalal in the party. Maha Manga prevents her from going there, as it is the Emperor’s instruction that no woman would be present there.

Jodha Akbar

Jodha secretly sees Benazir close to Jalal. She has a feeling that something bad is going to happen. She prays to God for her husband’s life. Benazir gets close to Jalal. Other men leave. An intoxicated Jalal sees Jodha in Benazir and he pushes her away.

Maha Manga comes to console Benazir. She tells Benazir that it is difficult to get close to a man, if some other woman is already in his heart. She encourages her to try more desperately.

As Jodha goes to pick flower, Mirza saves her from a snake. But Mirza finds that the snake is dead. Mirza guesses that the snake has died after biting Bishkanya, a poisonous woman. Mirza and Jodha discuss about these type of poisonous girls. Mirza tells Jodha how these girls are used to kill the kings. Mirza asks Jodha about his relation to Shivani. Jodha tells that the elders have the sole right to take decision in this matter. Mallika-E-Azam, Akbar's mother gives her consent and tells Jodha to talk with Jalal about Shivani and Mirza's relationship.

Benazir is thinking about how she became a Bishkanya. She was a girl of six years and belonged to an extremely poor family. One day a poisonous snake bit her, but to everyone’s surprise, she was not affected by the poison. Abul Mali’s staff noticed this and took her to Abul Mali. She was fed on snake’s poison and trained in music and dance to seduce men and kill them.

Maha Manga tells Jalal that he has done wrong to Benazir and that she is hurt. Jalal says he will readdress this later. Jodha comes to Jalal and seeing her, Jalal calls Benazir.

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