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Jodha Akbar: 8th January Written Episode; Jodha Against Shivani's Love!

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Jodha Akbar 8th January written Episode: Jodha informs Akbar about Mirza and Shivani’s relationship. Akbar thinks that if Mirza Hakim marries Shivani, the relation between the Mughals and the Rajputs will be enhanced.

Jodha’s father and the other family members arrive at Agra to talk about Shivani’s marriage with Mirza Hakim. The King happily gives his consent to the marriage. Both the families agree to accept the relationship. Maha Manga is not pleased to hear this.

Jodha Akbar

Jodha gives the information to Shivani. She is shocked and confused. Tejwant, Shivani’s lover, enters Agra palace. Shivani alerts him about her family’s presence, but the young man is desperate in love. Tejwant hears about Shivani’s marriage. He secretly meets Shivani. Shivani is scared to think that if anyone sees Tejwant, what will happen next. Shivani writes letter to Tejwant. She plans to elope with him before her marriage. Maha Manga sees her writing the letter. She secretly reads all the letters from Shivani’s box.

Akbar calls Jodha to talk about Mirza and Shivani. Akbar wants to talk with Shivani. As Jodha says that in her culture, there is no need to talk with Shivani as the elderes have arranged the marriage, Akbar says it is very important to know the opinion of the bride and the groom. He doesn’t want that this marriage would be an understanding between the Mughal and the Rajputs. Akbar says that the marriage will follow Muslim rituals. Jodha agrees.

Saifuddin’s man informs him that Abul Mali has come to Agra. Saifuddin hopes that his dream of getting Jodha would come true if Abul Mali succeeds in killing Akbar and getting the throne.

Akbar apologizes to Benazir for his behavior in the party. Benazir says that she did not mind. Benazir meets Abul Mali and he asks why she is not able to do her job. She explains that she has tried many times, but all her attempts have gone in vain. Abul Mali reminds her that if she succeeds in killing Akbar, he can come to the throne and she will become Mallika-e-Hindustan. She will have the same power and honour like Jodha and Rukaiya Begum.

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