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Jodha Akbar: 9th January Written Episode; Shivani Lies To Jalal

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Jodha Akbar 9th January written Episode: Maha Manga shows Shivani’s letters to Adam Khan. He is much excited to think that once Shahan-Shah Jalal sees this, Jodha would become much inferior in his eyes. But Maha Manga, the clever, diplomatic and shrewd lady does not show this to Akbar, but she meets Shivani. She reminds the young lady that if her affair with Tewant is disclosed, Tejwant would surely die and there will be a split between Jodha and Akbar. Shivani is scared to think this. Maha Manga keeps the letters to herself and tells Shivani to marry Mirza Hakim, to save the honour and reputation of her family, and her sister Jodha.

When Akbar asks Shivani about her opinion on the marriage, Shivani lies that Mirza Hakim is a good choice for a groom as he is a cultured and humble person. Akbar announces his consent to the marriage.

Jodha Akbar

Mirza Hakim tells Jodha, that Shivani must like him as he is good-looking, bright, well mannered and above all he belongs to the Mughal dynasty. Jodha agrees to him. Mirza wants to know about Shivani’s likes and dislikes from Jodha. Jodha tells him that Shivani is much fond of art, wall murals and music.

Akbar arrives and says that the Rajput princesses conceal their anger and they can burst anytime; they never like hunting, so Mirza should be aware of that. Mirza understands that Akbar is taunting Jodha. He laughs.

In a conference, Akbar expresses his anxiety about Abul Mali’s activities, to his trusted staffs. He says that it hurts more when someone from the family becomes a traitor. He instructs everyone to get ready for the preparation of the grand ceremony—Mirza’s marriage.

Saifuddin is surprised to see that even after giving such an important news to Jodha, he is not rewarded or set free. He plans to give more convincing information to jodha, to earn her trust. He instructs his informer to bring more news about Abul Mali.

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