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Madhubala: 9th January Written Episode; KRK Puts RK In Jail!

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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 9th January written Episode: The magician closes the box. He then opens the door and RK has disappeared. RK appears from the other corner and everyone claps. RK compliments the magician and Madhu runs to RK. RK tells her that nothing can come in between them now and to relax. RK winks at Bhujang as he is actually KRK. KRK poses for pictures with the kids from the orphanage and rushes to the toilet. He is dumbstruck seeing the western style.

A driver is telling someone on the phone that RK is at the backseat of the car and is unconscious and KRK is wearing his clothes. KRK comes back and tries to talk to Bhujang in waiter’s disguise but Bittu interrupts them. The driver dumps RK at a place and informs the police that KRK is there and to arrest him.

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Dipali comes to meet RK in his room. She flirts with him and greets her as her sister-in-law which doesn’t deter her anyway. Just then, Madhu comes and tells her to go to sleep. Madhu leaves from the room and Bhujang calls him. KRK says that Dipali flirted with him. Madhu comes back and asks him to help her with the hook of the blouse and he hesitates. She says she had a doubt and knows he is not RK.

KRK tells her that he didn’t know that he had to prove himself again as RK. KRK gets a call from the police saying that his duplicate has been caught. The police tells Madhu that they have caught KRK and Madhu apologises to him. At jail, RK regains consciousness and sees himself in jail. He yells that he is the real RK and to release him.

KRK and Madhu come to the police station and KRK gives a hand scan to the police. Madhu tells the police not to allow the duplicate to enter in their lives. RK senses Madhu’s presence and calls out her name.

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