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Pavitra Rishta: Rishab Kapoor, A New Twist In Arjun-Purvi’s Life!

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In Pavitra Rishta, Arjun (Rithvik Dhanjani) and Purvi (Asha Negi) are witnessing series of twists. When everything was going okay and they were about to reunite, Arjun's health issue becomes a trouble and he starts avoiding Purvi, in order to not to hurt her in future. Now, Mr Chadda and RK are new twists in their life.

Arjun and Purvi were to deal business with Mr Chadda, who is a womeniser and Rishab Kapoor (RK), who is big businessman. But, Chadda's misbehaviour with Purvi makes Arjun wild because of which Arjun insults Chadda in front of everyone in the party, which in turn makes Chadda to take revenge on Arjun. RK, who was in the same party, witness all these dramas.

In order to take revenge, Chadda files a complaint against him saying Arjun is drug supplier and Police arrests Arjun after finding drugs in his bag. Though Arjun and Ovi resist, Police arrests him. Purvi comes to Arjun's home for the last time to see him, but finding Arjun getting arrested, she panics. When Purvi asks the watchman, why Arjun was arrested, he says about Chadda's complaint and Purvi gets tensed.

Purvi seeks RK's help as his testimony was the only one which could save Arjun from jail. RK asks why he should help him, for which Purvi narrates her story and says she loves Arjun. RK asks him to meet next day and he will say what he she has to do for him to save Arjun. He says, nothing comes for free and she has to lose something to save Arjun. What is it that RK wants from Purvi? Will he come between Arjun-Purvi's love life?

On the other hand, Ankita (Ankita Lokhande) is questioned by Sunanda as she doubts that Ankita may misuse Naren and his property. Though Ankita tries to make her believe that she is not interested in their property, Sunanda says she is keeping an eye on her. We will have to wait to see what will Ankita do to win Sunanda's heart.


Ankita speaks to Naren regarding the property. She says she doesn't need the property, for which Naren says he loves her and now she is everything to her.


Ankita is very much aware of Naren's innocence who is still waiting for her to approve his love. When she goes near to him, he holds her hand and doesn't leave.


Naren watches Ankita sleeping. When Ankita wakes up, Naren asks her to get ready to go to office. Again Ankita says that she can't take care of office and she doesn't want it under her name. But Naren refuses to listen.

Ankita, Sunanda, Naren

While Ankita and Naren were about to leave to office, Sunanda interferes. Sunanda is concerned about Naren and when she questions Ankita why did she marry him, Ankita says she was in need of money and so she had to marry Naren. Sunanda warns Ankita not to misuse Naren's innocence and his property.


Meanwhile, Rushali is upset with Sunanda's sudden entry and the series of changes happening at the house. She wants Sunanda to leave house and says this to her husband. Sunanda enters the scene and says she has come for treatment and she will finish that and only move later.


On their way to office, because of romantic talks of Naren, his father and brother had to leave them in the car midway, in order to give sometime for the newly wed couple.

Arjun Arrested

On the other end, Arjun is arrested as Mr Chadda complains Police saying Arjun is a drug suppkier. Though Ovi and Arjun resist, he is taken to jail as a drugs would be found in his bag.


Purvi, who comes to Arjun's place to meet him one last time, sees Arjun arrested and panics. She asks the watchman, who says Arjun being arrested because of Chadda's complaint.


Ovi is very upset as Arjun is arrested though he is innocent and tells him that she will show his medical certificates and ask Purvi's help to rescue him. But Arjun disapproves Ovi's words as he doesn't want to see Purvi in trouble.

Purvi-Rishab Kapoor (RK)

Purvi, seeing Arjun in jail, is very upset. She goes to RK to seek his help. When RK asks why she wants to help Arjun, Purvi narrates her story and says she still loves Arjun. RK's reaction on this was bit weird, and tells her that he can help her if she is ready to lose something. Hmm... Seems like RK is planning something else.

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