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Veer Ki Ardaas Veera: 7th January Written Episode, Veera Chooses Gunjan For Ranveer!

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Veer Ki Ardaas Veera starts with Ratan talking to Sampooran Singh's photo and telling that how Veera is snatching away everything from her. Ranveer overhears the full conversation and tell sRatan that tehre is no fault of Veera in it and she should not be so rude to her.

Ratan tells him that how can she be good to that girl who has taken away everything from her and today whatever condition Ranveer is in its just because of Veera. Ranveer left his studies, his career and even the care he did for his mother just for Veera. So, now she cannot see Veera chosing a girl for Ranveer which is the sole rights of his mother.

Veer Ki Ardaas Veera

Gunjan is teasing Baldev about Veera and how jealous Baldev is of her. Gunjan then goes out and hears some song that is played far away. She tries to follow the voice and once she reaches there she cannot find the person. It was Ranveer who was singing the song.

Chaiji and Veera are seen discussing about girls and they see eac and every photo that comes to them. After a whole lot of procedure of seeing the photos they find that now there is just one girl in the pind left for Ranveer and that is no one else but Gunjan. Veera says that Gunjan is beautiful and is very caring as well but she has a dream to go to foreign, so how will she manage to marry Ranveer who wants to spend his entire life in the pind.

A friend of Ranveer comes and informs him about the electricity line which is being stolen by Surjeet Singh and his people. Ranveer assures his friend that he need not worry he will talk to Balwant regarding it and will sort out the matter.

Baldev sees Surjeet Singh stealing the electricity and he tells them that he should not be doing this as it is wrong and if anyone catches hold of him he will be in trouble. Surjeet Singh says that he is not scared of anyone and his friend who is a big government official will handle it.

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