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Veer Ki Ardaas Veera: 8th January Written Episode, Ranveer Scolds Veera!

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Veer Ki Ardaas Veera starts with Veera asking Ranveer's friend Dalveer whether her brother has any girl in his mind. Dalveer then tells her that Ranveer always had feelings for Gunjan and he really loves her.

Ranveer goes to Balwant's house where he hears Gunjan singing the same song he was singing today morning. Gunjan asks him the reason for he being there and then tells him that she is in love with the voice she hears daily and this has made a great impact on her head so she is continuously humming the song. Ranveer then tells her that he is here to meet Balwant tauji but Gunjan then tells him that he is not there at home now he can come later.

Veer Ki Ardaas Veera

Veera tells Chaiji that she has told Karan too to find girl for her brother. Ranveer on hearing this shouts Veera and tells her not to talk about Karan. Veera starts crying and Chaiji scolds Ranveer for scolding her but he says that he did so just because he does not trust Karan.

Bansari and Baldev are talking about Surjeet Singh's relative who wants to hitch his son and wants the girl to be from the same village. Balwant enters the house and both of them tell about the boy to him. He then says that he would first find out more about the boy and only then decide over anything.

Ranveer and apologizes to Veera and then he hugs her to compensate over the fight. Chaiji asks Ranveer is he likes someone and he is not able to tell it to anyone. On the other hand misunderstanding arises at Gunjan's place where her father asks her whether she is ready for the marriage with the guy. Gunjan would think its about Ranveer but her father would be talking about Surjeet Singh's relative.

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