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      Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 16th January Written Episode


      Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th January written Episode: Ishita’s mother becomes desperate to reveal that Raman is using Ishita for his business deal. Raman’s mother requests her to be considerate and prevents her from doing so. When Raman’s mother enters the storeroom to collect some items for the festival, Ishita’s mother locks her from outside and goes to talk with Raman. Mihir sees her outside the storeroom but does not notice that she has locked the door from outside. Mrs Valla becomes frightened to find that she has been locked and she faints.

      Mrs Iyer goes in search of Raman. Ishita’s father and sister try to prevent her. She is able to find Raman and Ishita after Raman’s client has left. She shouts at Raman and behaves hysterically. Ishita forbids her to do so. Ishita’s father tells her that Ishita is mature enough and when she has decided to help Raman, there must be some reason.

      Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

      When Ishita is about to take Ruhi back to Shagun’s house, Raman’s father sees her. He requests Ishita to wait for a while and let Ruhi meet her grandmother. But he is not able to find Mrs Valla anywhere. Everyone fails to find her out. Now Simi recalls that Mrs Valla went to the store room.

      In the mean time the security guards open the storeroom door and find Mrs Valla in an unconscious state. They take her outside and everyone gathers around her. Ishita starts taking care of her. The guards inform that the storeroom door was locked from outside.

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