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Diya Aur Baati Hum: Sooraj Makes A Plot To Liberate Sandhya

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Diya Aur Baati Hum's October 3rd episode: Bhabho packs a big trunk with Sandhya’s clothes, but keeps her medals and cups out of it. Ved wonders when his mom will come back to the house. Bhabho’s face becomes stiff. She catches Meena lying to her. Meena argues that even if she lies, she does not cheat people like Sandhya!

Shekhar and Bade Raja visit the missile factory. The foreign scientist tell them that the missile can be stopped by two means only, the remote, or the handprint of the person who has touched it. Shekhar confirms that Sandhya cannot do anything! He sets the programs in the terror device. Bharat visits a lock-up to execute his plan.

Diya Aur Baati Hum: Sooraj Makes A Plot To Liberate Sandhya

Sandhya tells Sooraj about a species of wild leaves which intoxicates men. She advises him to intoxicate the Garjana team through sweets and rescue her from the brick prison. Sooraj collects the leaves and vows that he must liberate his wife from the grip of the brutes!

When Sooraj comes back to his kitchen with the basket of leaves, he sees Garjana men checking the sweets. He carefully hides the basket and tells them that they should not enter a food factory wearing shoes or touch the food items without washing hands.

Shekhar comes to check the food himself and goes near the basket of leaves. Sooraj is almost caught, but Chote Raja saves him narrowly. He drags Shekhar out of the kitchen with a childish excuse and gives a meaningful stare at Sooraj.

Sooraj mixes the leaves with the sweets carefully and carries the food baskets to the festival ground. He prevents people from having the food immediately, otherwise it would be revealed that those are not normal sweets.

Sooraj hears the Garjana men talking about the dancer. They say that Sandhya danced vibrantly last time after having country liquor. They plan to give her country liquor. Sooraj fumes. He sees the men passing liquor into the prison through a pipe. He thinks how to save Sandhya from getting tipsy.

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