Diya Aur Baati Hum: Sandhya Finds A New Hiding


    Diya Aur Baati Hum's September 23rd episode: Sooraj talks with the guard of the wedding hall, while he is interrupted by Bharat. Bharat scolds the security guard and shows him his police identity guard. The guard refuses to say anything to Sooraj.

    Sooraj identifies Bharat and catches him. He recalls that Bharat came to his house to sell molasses cakes. Bharat says he does not know Sandhya and avoids Sooraj. He informs one of his officers that Sandhya’s husband is desperately searching for her and if he finds that she is alive, the mission will fail and Sandhya will be in the greatest danger!

    Bharat instructs his officer to abduct Sooraj carefully and drop him at home. He warns that Sooraj should not be harmed in anyway. Sooraj is sedated by the officer and taken in a jeep. He awakes in the midway and attacks the officer.

    Ved tells his cousins that his mother is alive and she will be found very soon. The children cheer up with this news. Meena thinks they are nurturing a false hope. Bhabho tells Babasa that it is not easy to forgive Sandhya after she has cheated the family for her job! Lokesh comes to the house and says he has some important discussion with Bhabho and Babasa.

    Sandhya keeps running away while Bade Raja searches for her inside the jungle. She hides inside mud-water and camouflages. After the men leave Sandhya washes herself and comes to an underground den.

    Sandhya prepared this den for a safe hiding, in case her identity is revealed to the Garjana. It was advised by Bharat Sir when he planned Mission Mahabali.

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