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15 Best Scenes Of Barun Sobti & Surbhi Jyoti’s Tanhaiyan That We Loved The Most!


Barun Sobti and Surbhi Jyoti's Tanhaiyan was the most awaited web-series, this season. It has been ranked No. 2 on Hotstar. Gul Khan took to social media to congratulate the team. She shared a video clipping that featured Barun Sobti and Surbhi Jyoti and wrote, "Tanhayian Diaries continues!!! Congratulation to team Tanhiyan for becoming no 2 on Hot Star..."

Surbhi took to social media to thank her fans. She wrote, "Thank you soooo much guys for loving Meera🤗😘 thank you so much for loving Tanhaiyan ❤ big big thanks for your love and support 🙏🏻❤️ I love you all😘😘😘."

The story, cast, location, costume, chemistry between the lead pair, and especially Barun Sobti's hot looks - everything about the show has been liked by the audiences. Here are 15 Best Scenes of Tanhaiyan that we loved the most...

1. Haider & Meera’s First Meeting

The very first meeting of Haider and Meera is not to be missed. Meera enters the venue and a guy gives her a placard that says ‘waiting to be picked'. Haider tries to pick her, while Meera tries to explain that she didn't mean it!

2. Haider Flirts With Other Girl!

Haider tries to make the pre-wedding party interesting and pushes everyone in the pool. He tells Meera, ‘it's time to make her dream come true' and throws her in the pool! Later, he asks her if she is fine (as if he is concerned), and ignores her for another (flirting) girl!

3. Meera Asks Her Friend About Haider

Meera likes the place (bungalow) and tells a girl that it is a beautiful place. The girl reveals that it is Haider's house, while Meera asks her Haider's full name. It is then Haider that replaces the girl and shocks Meera by telling that his full name is ‘Haider Ali Khan'.

4. Rashi & Tanya's Funny Talks

We had revealed how Rashi is innocent and hates flirting, while Tanya is total opposite to her! The conversations between them are funny to watch, especially when Tanya tells how much she likes Grey's character from The Fifty Shades Of Grey, and Rashi makes fun of Mr. Grey!

5. Avantika's Mother In-Law's Strange Rituals

Avantika's mother-in-law, who is not present at the function, keeps calling her and asks her to follow strange and funny ‘vrats' - like applying three types of oil, not taking bath, not wearing slippers, etc., which annoys her!

6. Meera & Haider's SMSs

Meera and Haider make a conversation during pre-wedding party through messages. Haider (flirts) praises Meera's looks and even calls her sexy. He even asks her to spend a night with him in his shayaris! Meera confronts Haider unaware of an aunt talking to him!

7. Meera & Haider's Double Entendre

The way the Meera and Haider's greet each other every time they meet, and their double entendre conversation will make you laugh!

8. Meera Uses The Word ‘Sleepex’ Instead Of 'S*x'

Meera wants to show that she is ready for anything and to get over her sorrow or past, she tries to get closer to Haider. He provokes her to spend a night with him, while Meera agrees! She uses the word ‘sleepex' instead of 'sex'. Haider even trolls Meera that she can't tell the word but is ready for it!

9. Haider Teases Meera In Front Of Her Friends

Meera's friends don't know (although they have a hint) what's going on between her and Haider. The way he teases Meera in front of her friends will make us smile!

10. Haider's Proposals

Haider proposes Meera twice - in the garden and with dhol, which are total filmy and every girl would want such proposals. At first Meera agrees to get engaged. But, they break up due to misunderstanding, it is then Haider gets the dhol and proposes her in front of their friends.

11. Meera & Haider's Romantic Moments

How Haider (even though he is seen as Casanova) falls for Meera and protects her and how Meera reciprocates the same are some of the best scenes in the show.

12. Haider Tries To Make Meera Jealous

Haider tries to make Meera jealous by getting close to a girl. But that girl, joins hands with Meera and tricks Haider! Both the girls teach Haider a lesson (in a funny way).

13. Haider & Meera's Emotional Moments

Haider lays on Meera's lap, when he feels low, and vice-versa. These are the most touching scenes of the show!

14. Meera & Haider's Confessions

Meera and Haider's would have had a painful past. Although, Meera opens up a bit early, Haider takes time. It is after Meera lashes out at Haider that he opens up to her. Haider and Meera's confessions about their past are among the best scenes from the show.

15. Haider & Meera Reunite

After Haider's misunderstanding gets resolved, he decides to apologise to Meera and get back to her. As we said in the review, although the reunion is filmy and fast, considering it to be a web series (end in short duration), it is in the list of our best scenes.

Not to forget the title track... The song is soulful and is also in our list of favourites from Tanhaiyan! The song is sung by Bhaven Dhanak, the tune is set by Sanjeev Srivastava and the lyrics are by Shaheen Iqbal. The singer took to social media to thanks the viewers for loving the song.

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For the uninitiated, let us tell you that Tanhiyan is a web series produced by Gul Khan (4 Lions Films) and directed by Gorky M. The show is set against the backdrop of a wedding celebration. Haider meets fashion designer Meera, and both are instantly drawn towards each other. But both are in pain because of their past. How the emotionally scarred couple fall in love, is the story all about.

Did we miss any of your favourite scenes? Hit the comment box to share your views...

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