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      EXCLUSIVE! Teen Do Paanch's Bidita Bag Says After Socio-Political Cinema She Wants To Do Commercial Films


      Bidita Bag best known for tough characters in The Sholay Girl, Babumoshai Bandookbaaz, and Abhay, had a change of pace. The actress was recently seen in the comedy-drama Teen Do Paanch alongside Shreyas Talpade. The actress opened up about the Hotstar special, co-star Shreyas Talpade and her plans for future projects in an interview with Filmibeat.

      Bidita Bag

      1. After playing badass characters in Sholay Girl, Babumoshai Bandookbaaz and Bhaukaal what attracted you to take on Priyanka's role in Teen Do Paanch, a mother who wants to adopt three kids?

      It's not necessary that all my characters have to be tough and ready to fight. There are so many stories in the world, this is one of them. We don't have many films talking about adoption and the topic is something that is close to me. I have seen it in my family where the couple is trying to conceive but have work commitments or social pressure that gets in the way.

      In the film also, Priyanka and Vishal in the film have been married for seven years but haven't been able to conceive. I could understand their longing for a child. After a certain age, your whole conversations are baby centred. Your family stars talking about it, there is social pressure, which is also happening to Priyanka, my character. She is stressed about having a baby and begins considering adoption. In my personal life also I could relate to Priyanka's stress because everyone is asking me when am I going to get married.

      2. How was your experience shooting for Teen Do Paanch with Shreyas Talpade and the kids?

      The kids were so cute, it was a great experience. We were shooting in the middle of summer and still, the kids were very cooperative. It was not an easy shoot as we were on location in an actual flat, so there wasn't a lot we could do. All of us were stuck in the small house but the kids were wonderful.

      Shreyas is a complete sweetheart. I have watched so many of his films over the years, like Iqbal, Dor. His comic timing is also superb. He is very grounded and cooperative. I remember we needed a saree to shoot for a scene but couldn't find one. At the time Shreyas was coming back from Mumbai, so I requested him if he could bring a saree with him. And he brought a few of his wife's sarees packed in a suitcase to chose from. He is that dedicated and cooperative with his team.

      4. You have played negative roles as well as positive roles over the years. Which one do you enjoy the most?

      I don't really choose the roles based on the fact that they are positive or negative. My parameters are different, I focus on the range of emotions the character displays and if I have played a similar character before. I like to try different things. I do enjoy playing negative roles because I like to explore the emotional dept and psyche. The bad guy has to use a range of emotions from manipulative to outright bad.

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      5. You have played many strong supportive characters, what are you looking for in your future projects?

      I haven't really thought about it, because I have already received a lot more than I expected. I have been lucky enough to have been offered characters of a drastic range. The kind of reception and release the projects got is a different thing, maybe the timing was not correct. If Sholay Girl would have released during the lockdown it would have received more appreciation.

      I can't even think the kind of stories writers are able to come up with. if they get their due and more recognition, then we will find more out of the box stories and I want to be a part of those stories. There are all kinds of stories that are being offered but producers are afraid to back them. It's time that producers also become a bit fearless.

      6. You are often seen in shows with socio-political themes? Has that been a conscious decision? What other genres are you looking forward to exploring?

      Since childhood, I wasn't really interested in commercial films. I always used to be more interested in films by Satyajit Ray and Ritwik Ghatak. Their stories also used to be on socio-political themes, so I grew up thinking that I too will work in films like that. But now, I am looking forward to working in commercial cinema and experiment more.

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      Well, Bidita Bag has made a name for herself after appearing in films like Nawazuddin Siddiqui's Babumoshai Bandookbaaz, Abhay, Mera Fauji Calling, The Sholay Girl and more. She has also been praised for her performances in web shows Bhaukaal and The Missing Stone which released in 2020.

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