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      Make Father’s Day Special - Catch Up With These Iconic On-Screen Dads From Scam 1992, The Family Man & More


      "A dad is the anchor upon which his children stand." Fathers are the strength of the family; they are a beacon of wisdom and every child’s first hero. Under their strong exteriors and iron-clad personas, there lies a caregiver and a protector. So, this Father’s Day celebrate your dad with a day of relaxed binge-watching and his favourite meal. Tune into an extravaganza of fascinating stories, capturing the essence of being a father, his struggles, his love and his sacrifices. Here are our favourite picks.

      The Family Man

      Scam 1992- The Harshad Mehta Story

      The Dalal Street has made and mended fortunes for many, but seldom has come a man whose mind has stirred changes in the financial policies of a nation. The Big Bull of the Indian Stock market, Scam 1992- The Harshad Mehta Story, follows the infamous Harshad Mehta and his rise-&-fall journey. But beyond the realms of his - “stock market ka bacchan” phase, he was a regular man with larger-than-life aspirations. The show offers a glimpse to his family life where we see Harshad’s father being a grounding factor and a guardian angel to him at every turn guiding Harshad for his own good. We also see the father in Harshad, who despite the numbing chaos around him, was a doting father to his kids safeguarding them from the errors and mistakes he had faced. Beyond the money man, Harshad was a son and a father and his story, with all its revelations, deserves a watch.

      Where to Watch - SonyLIV

      Pratik Gandhi's Scam 1992 In IMDb's Top 10 Highest Rated TV Shows Alongside Game Of Thrones, Chernobyl &MorePratik Gandhi's Scam 1992 In IMDb's Top 10 Highest Rated TV Shows Alongside Game Of Thrones, Chernobyl &More

      The Family Man- New Season

      Everyone strives for the perfect work-life balance, to spend time with the children and have dinner with the family. But can you afford the ideal lifestyle when you’re not a “minimum guy” and have the safety of an entire nation on your shoulders? Srikant Tiwari is back with another season of the Family man and this time, things get personal. Be it the innocent negotiations between him and his son or the plight of a father dealing with the tantrums of a teenage daughter, watch the father in Srikant juggle the polarities of his life- as a husband, an agent and most importantly- A father.

      Where to Watch - Amazon Prime Video

      Indian Idol 12: Pawandeep Rajan Says 'My Father Is My Only True Inspiration In Life’Indian Idol 12: Pawandeep Rajan Says 'My Father Is My Only True Inspiration In Life’

      Tera Yaar Hoon Mein

      Sony SAB's popular show Tera Yaar Hoon Main beautifully brings out the true essence of a father-son relationship. The show has kept the audience hooked with its relatable storyline around Rajeev Bansal (Ssudeep Sahir), a simpleton and his efforts to become a friend to his young son. This Father's Day, watch Rajeev and his heart-touching efforts to become his son's 'Yaar' in a series of events that will make you hug your dad. Pro-tip: Tune in to Sony SAB to watch the show together with your dad for an emotional yet delightful Father's Day celebration.

      Where to Watch - Sony SAB

      Father’s Day Special

      Your Honor

      Family is our sanctuary, our safe space. But what happens when all hell breaks loose in this heaven? From the streets of Punjab comes this gritty story of an upright judge, Bishan Khosla, whose son gets involved in a hit and run case now stands at the brink of a choice- his blood or his morals. As the lines between the good and the bad start to blur and the cards start to unfold, there is no more black or white- only grey. Will a diligent judge abide by his duties or will the role of a father get the best of him?

      Where to Watch - SonyLIV

      Breathe and Breathe: Into The Shadows

      A father’s love is unparalleled. He cannot bear the slightest scratch on his dear little one. But when he discovers his child’s life is in danger, till what extent will he go to for the ones he loves? Enveloped in suspense, both the seasons of the Breathe, trail the captivating psychological thriller as ordinary men are faced with extraordinary circumstances. Amidst the chaos of police investigations, mysterious villains and the desperation of a father, watch unconditional love take the steering wheel as everything else fades into the back.

      Where to Watch - Amazon Prime Video

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