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      Friends The Reunion Review Live: The Special Will Make You Want To Binge Watch The 10 Season Again


      The much-awaited Friends: The Reunion is finally here and fans are watching the special as it airs worldwide on the different streaming platform. We are also taking a look at the hour-long special filled with nostalgia. Titled The One Where They Get Back Together, the special episode brings back Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc on the original Friends stage.

      Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc

      Friends: The Reunion To Release In India On ZEE5Friends: The Reunion To Release In India On ZEE5

      3:50 pm The reunion seems like a cox to get people to watch the entire show again and it works. The cast towards the end agrees that they will not wait another 15 years together but it won't be for the public eye which seems for the best.

      3:45 pm The fashion show was the most unexpected and unnecessary part of the special, so much so that even Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer couldn't believe that Justin Bieber agreed to make a five-second appearance in the sputnik costume.

      justin bieber david Schwimmer

      3:40 pm James Corden revealed the biggest BTS secret of the show. Jen and David candidly opened up about them both having a major crush on each other during the starting years of the show. But David added they were like 'passing ships' because they were always dating someone else.

      Jennifer went on to share that instead of dating each other, they just channelled their feeling through their characters, Rachel and Ross. When David asked how no-one noticed that they had a crush on each other, Cox replied, "We all knew."

      3:20 pm The cast members watching their own blooper reels and laughing with tears in their eyes is one of the best moments of the episode. If the entire two hours special just featured the cast reacting to their own bloopers it would have been a far better experience.

      3:10 pm Phoebe was not impressed with Lady Gaga's 'Smelly Cat', but fans were ecstatic about Lisa singing the iconic song with Gaga. The two were also joined by choir singers for a rendition from the original show.

      Lady Gaga had dressed up as her own version of Phoebe with a funky hairstyle. It made her look more like a modern-day Phoebe than Kudrow sitting next to her.


      Lisa also revealed that she recently started watching the show for the first time. Similarly, David said he had never watched the show when it was airing fifteen years ago and recently started watching it with his daughter. Aniston on the other hand said she has watched all the episodes.

      2:50 pm Monica And Chandler were not supposed to end up together. One of the most shocking reveals in the special was when the makers revealed that Monica And Chandler were never meant to be a couple.

      What changed their mind was the reaction of the live audience. According to Marta, it was supposed to be a one-off thing, and they would be back to being friends when they returned home. But the live audience's reaction is what pushed them to work on a storyline where they ending up together.

      2:45 pm The one time the cast didn't do the huddle.

      David Beckham's favourite episode is the one where Matt got his shoulder dislocated (behind the scenes). The makers revealed that they were trying to shoot for an easy episode with all the cast in one place. However, while filming, Joey ended up dislocating his arm and they had to wait to finish filming the episode until his shoulder was healed.

      Matt in the reunion special revealed that it was the one time when the cast members didn't huddle before beginning the shoot. However, since the accident, they never missed the huddle to make sure there weren't any more issues.

      2:30 pm The reunion had announced a guest list of around 15 celebrities and fans were most excited to see BTS become a part of the special. The K-pop member RM had revealed that he had learned how to speak English through the show, but unfortunately, the group hardly spent time on-screen or with the cast.

      A pre-recorded clip showed them sharing how much they love Friends among clips of other fans around the world sharing their emotional journey with the show.

      Friends: The Reunion Trailer Asks The Biggest Question: Were Ross And Rachel On A Break?Friends: The Reunion Trailer Asks The Biggest Question: Were Ross And Rachel On A Break?

      2:15 pm The most unscripted moment so far has been Lisa Kudrow freaking out about a bug. During an interaction with James, David was talking about when he chose to work on Friends when Kudrow started screaming about the bug.

      After the bug was finally out of Kudrow's hair, Perry said, "The good this is that we handled it well."

      2:00 pm To no one's surprise, even in the unscripted episode all the cast members look exactly like the characters from the iconic show. Matt also revealed that he got cast to play Joey because of a very Joey like-experience he had just the night before. While he was reading lines with his friend for the final call back, the actor decided to go for drinking and blacked out. When he woke up he had hit his nose on the face of the toilet and had a big scab when walked in for the final audition.

      He said, "Marta asked me, 'What happened to my face?'" laughs, "I told her the truth and got the part."

      1:40 pm Talking about their favourite episodes, Monica revealed that the trivia was one of the fun episodes of the show but added that it was "Devastating".

      The trivia brought back a number of supporting cast members including Mr Heckles in the iconic bathroom gown. Reese Witherspoon who plays Rachel's sister on the show revealed that it felt like she had won a "Lottery".

      1:20 pm The producer also opened up about the show. David Crane, Marta Kauffman, and Kevin S Bright revealed that they were inspired by their real-life experience in New York to make the show. Marta said, "We were in NYC in our year 20s trying to make a living and find love," to which David Crane added, "We thought that could be a show."

      While the rest of the cast is walking around the set, Matthew Perry & Matt Leblanc have a special moment with the arm chairs in the apartment. The two slipped by right in as if no time had passed.

      Jennifer and Kudrow were not surprised by the sight.

      1:10 pm The six cast members also joined James Corden on the stage by the big fountain. When James asked if all the members stayed in touch over the years, Lisa revealed that their bond was such that if one of them were to call other would always answer.

      However, Perry revealed that he never got any calls. "I don't hear from anyone."

      12:50 pm Cox on entering the sound stage was already in tears and was relieved to see she was not the only emotional one. Lisa was quick to hand her tissues and in a cute moment, Matt wiped the tears off her (Cox's) face.

      Matthew Perry is the last one to enter the set and they all begin talking about the show and praise the makers for their efforts.

      12:45 pm All the six cast members walked through on the original sound stage in the Warner Bros. Studio in Burbank, California, for the first time since they shot for the last episode a decade ago.

      While David Schwimmer was the first one to enter the stage, he was not the only one who got emotional. Soon after Kudrow, Jennifer, Matt LeBlanc joined and started sharing stories about their filming days.

      Jennifer while walking through Joey's apartment joked about being able to fit through the door, and Matt revealed that Cox used to write dialogues on the coffee table in Monica's house.

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