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      She Web Series Review: Imtiaz Ali's Netflix Show Needs More Women Behind The Scenes


      Available On: Netflix

      Cast: Aditi Pohankar, Vijay Varma, Vishwas Kini, Dhruv Thukral

      Directors: Arif Ali, Avinash Das

      Duration: 10 Episodes / 35-40 minutes

      Language: Hindi

      Story: She follows the story of a female constable, Bhumika Pardeshi, in the Indian Police Force, who has been inducted into the Anti-Narcotics Group to capture a major drug lord. But the mystery begins when Bhumika starts to take decisions for herself.

      she web series review

      Review: Created and written by Imtiaz Ali, She shows you a twisted meaning of women empowerment. While we are edged to see a docile police officer making it on her own, the show slowly turns into a very personal story about Bhumika's sexuality. She has a lot to offer in terms of actors and individuality, but it may not be the best fit for the majority.

      Bhumika Pardeshi (Aditi Pohankar) is unaware about her hidden strength, while every other man close to her is able to see it. Being spotted by a crime branch officer Jason Fernandez (Vishwas Kini,) turns out to be the best thing that ever happened to her. After seeing her once, Jason inducts a mere constable into one of the biggest drugs busts of the country.

      After being instated into the Anti-Narcotics Group, Bhumika has to pose as a sex worker to identify a drug lord and bring him into custody. Her first encounter with Vijay Varma's Sasya doesn't go as planned but she manages to get the job done by using her sexuality. The twist comes when we find out Bhumika has began enjoying the new side of her and how her sexuality makes the men around her nervous. She then decides to weaponise it, to survive in the job and the world.

      The thrill and mystery that comes with the plot of investigating the drug lords is truly enjoyable, it is also fun to see Bhumika's character transform. However, at the same time, we also have several subplots hanging in the balance, from her divorce with her husband, to her relationship with her mother and sister.

      she web series review

      Because of the vast difference between the two plots and Bhumi's character in them, it feels like you are watching two different shows at the same time. But the simplicity of the subplots leaves a warmer impact on you and on Bhumika, it brings you hope that she won't turn out to be the bad guy.

      It is harder to accept Bhumika in the two different roles, one scene after the other, but it also plays into the idea of ' a woman can be whoever she wants to be'. The show, which is truly about an individual and her own circumstances, has been made into a thing about feminism and women empowerment. She is definitely more personal and cannot be generalized in any given situation. Bhumika's decisions are her own and she is ok with accepting the consequence because either she has no choice or she is very welcoming of the danger.

      she web series review

      What brings the show down, unfortunately, is the sloppy writing and execution. The actors from Aditi to Vijay Verma, all have done their best with what they have. It is hard not to look away with Vijay Verma on the screen. Vijay and Aditi's chemistry on screen is commendable but it also makes her look dull without him around. However, Aditi from the get-go makes you believe in Bhumika and root for her.

      Even though we see her through the transformation, nobody else in the show takes her seriously. Bhumi's struggle in the world of men and power is real, but it doesn't translate well on the screen since it has been brought down only to the notion of sex and money by the makers.

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