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      Sweet Tooth Review: Netflix Fantasy Series Is A Step Away From Becoming A Real Nightmare But Will Win Hearts

      Star Cast: Nonso Anozie, Christian Convery, Adeel Akhtar, Stefania LaVie Owen
      Director: Jim Mickle

      Available On: Netflix
      Language: English
      Duration: 8 Episodes / 50 minutes

      Story: Netflix series Sweet Tooth, based on a comic by Jeff Lemire of the same name, follows a young boy struggling to survive in a world ravaged by a pandemic brought down by humans. While the world around him descends into chaos, Gus lives in isolation. But even after losing his home and feeling betrayed, he never loses his sense of wide-eyed optimism.

      sweet tooth

      Review: The Netflix fantasy is a dark series posing as a children's show that is a step away from becoming a real nightmare. Sweet Tooth follows a post-pandemic world that has turned into a full-blown apocalypse. The story follows a young boy, Gus, with an unnatural deformity that has been raised in the mountains alone by his Pubba (Will Forte). The eight-part series focuses on Gus's relationship with not only his family (the people he is close to) but also with the world.

      All the while Gus was growing up with his protective Pubba in the middle of nowhere, the world descends into chaos. A mysterious virus that spread all around the world made people sick, ending most of humanity. Simultaneously, the world also saw a sort of an evolution, as all babies were born part human and part animal. But adults didn't see it as a sign of anything and blamed the hybrids for causing the virus and began hunting them. A minority of people believed that hybrids were the way of human's survival and attempted to help them. Others didn't care for either side and truly just wanted to protect themselves or the children.

      Ten years after 'The Sick' wiped out much of humanity, Gus has grown into a young boy with antlers and fawn-like ears. The world that his 'Pubba' was trying to save him from eventually gets to him. After losing everything he grew up with, Gus finally heads out on an adventure looking for his mother.

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      Gus is then joined by Tommy "Jep" Jepperd (Nonso Anozie) and, later, a girl named Bear (Stefania LaVie Owen) as he heads to Colorado. Most of Gus' story takes place across lush, brightly saturated forests with beautiful wildlife. However, Sweet Tooth also pays the same attention to the subplots of the story, which turn the show into something dark and menacing.

      The subplots follow the reality of humans and how society crumbled. We are introduced to Dr Singh (Adeel Akhtar) who is toiling away to save his wife Rani (Aliza Vellani), Amy (Dania Ramirez), a former therapist who thrives in the post-pandemic world, and General Steven Abbott (Neil Sandilands), leader of The Last Men who want to experiment on the hybrids and exterminate them. All four stories come together at the end of season one as Gus reaches Colorado.

      The show is a real reminder of how vicious humans can be, in a world where survival is your priority as no one is safe. While Gus manages to find the right kind of people Dr Singh is subjected to death, hate and other heinous crimes. A doctor believing in caring for others ends up a monster willing to experiment on hybrid children for a cure.

      The visually appealing series takes its time developing the world smoothly. However, the pacing feels a bit too slow when you have more than four characters to follow with their own backstories. Christian Convery as Gus also known as Sweet Tooth because of his love for candy, is by far the best thing about the show.

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      Performances by Will Forte, Nonso Anozie, Adeel Akhtar, Aliza Vellani and Dania Ramirez are bound to keep you engaged if the visuals are not something you came for. The story mainly works as all the characters have something to contribute to each other, no one is expendable making it harder not to root for any character.

      Overall, Sweet Tooth is a well-structured TV series that will tug at your heartstrings but also take a note of the humanity still left inside of you.

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