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      Undekhi Review: Web Series Questions If Survival Is More Important Than Doing The Right Thing

      Star Cast: Harsh Chhaya, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Ankur Rathee, Surya Sharma, Anchal Singh
      Director: Ashish R Shukla

      Available On: SonyLIV
      Duration: 35 minutes/10 episodes
      Language: Hindi

      Story: Undekhi follows a DCP, who has set out to hunt down a murder suspect, but finds himself amid a bigger case with more corrupt and dangerous killers. The SonyLIV show while highlighting the good and the bad of society, also breaks down the belief that one should always do the right thing.

      Undekhi Web Series Review: Undekhi Questions If Survival Is Important Than Doing The Right Thing

      Review: Undekhi directed by Ashish R Shukla is a crime thriller that defies the formula story, here you do not get to see the good versus bad or the hero versus the villain. Here we just have people doing their job and trying to survive, but how far will you go before you speak up? While we are always taught truth will prevail, unfortunately for Rishi, who does the right thing, he too ends up regretting the decision.

      The show starts with DCP Ghosh investigating the murder of a police officer in the jungles of Sundarban, Bengal. On inquiring in the nearby tribal community, he finds out two girls have run away from the village to perform as dancers in Manali. Meanwhile, in Manali, we meet the filming team at the wedding of some of the wealthiest people in the country. While filming one of their private parties, videographer Rishi is caught off-guard when the groom's father shoots down one of the dancers, after she refuses to dance with him. But what leaves him even more baffled is that the entire wedding proceeds like nothing happened. The body is dragged off the stage, the music continues and the party goes on.

      Harsh Chhaya As Papaji

      Harsh Chhaya As Papaji

      Rishi who wants to do right by the dead dancer, records the incident and hides the evidence, only to realize that the people he is dealing with will not have a problem lining up more bodies to keep themselves safe. The 10 part series follows the DCP, as he finds out more about the dancers, Rishi as he tries to survive, and the twist of the tale is the most dramatic wedding of the year.

      Surya Sharma As Rinku (Rajender Singh Atwal)

      Surya Sharma As Rinku (Rajender Singh Atwal)

      Created by Siddharth Sengupta, Undekhi will keep you hooked for the first four episodes with a number of cliffhangers and good performances. Dibyendu Bhattacharya as DCP Ghosh and Surya Sharma as Rinku (Rajender Singh Atwal) will keep you entertained throughout the first season. Even though the series begins to slow down and run in circles for the next two-three episodes, the end has been wrapped up pretty well, mostly with an increase in the ‘body count'. There are several subplots at play, which may seem hard to follow at first, but conveniently all come together at the end.

      Undekhi Will Release On July 10

      Undekhi Will Release On July 10

      Dibyendu Bhattacharya as DCP Ghosh will put you in awe of the actor as well as the character. The DCP knows how to push the right buttons despite the heavily corrupt system. When he does get caught in the system's trap, Ghosh does not forget his duty and does not shy away from calling out his superiors. On the other hand, Surya Sharma as Rinku (Rajender Singh Atwal) is the right-hand of the Atwal family and is in charge of handling all legal and shady decisions in the business. Surya will not only make you hate his character but also help you see that pure evil is in the viewer's perception.

      Overall, Undekhi is a show which is supposed to be watched for its story and all the actors. If you are tired of following the heroes in stories, this is the one for you. The crime thriller will keep you engaged right until the end.

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