Your Honor 2 Review: Jimmy Sheirgill Steals The Show In This Gritty Crime Drama

    Star Cast: Jimmy Sheirgill, Mahie Gill, Gulshan Grover, Zeishan Quadri, Mita Vashisht, Pulkit Makol, Richa Pallod, Kunj Anand
    Director: Eeshwar Niwas

    In several scenes of Your Honor Season 2, Judge Bishan Khosla hallucinates into seeing his deceased friend Kaashi (Varun Badola) tapping into his inner conscience. With each reality check, the main protagonist becomes more and more embroiled in a web of underworld, deceit, betrayal, revenge and murder. With his and his son's life at stake, every moment calls for treading carefully for Khosla as a vicious enemy may strike from any direction.

    What's Yay: The performances and cinematography

    What's Nay: Over-convoluted plot, jagged screenplay and lack of clarity of the characters


    The plot of Your Honor Season 2 carries forward from the tumultuous incidents of the first season. This time Judge Bishan Khosla (Jimmy Sheirgill) is facing vengeful enemies from two different sides and will have to take some nerve-wracking decisions for his and his son's safety. With dealing with his rivals, the protagonist also witnesses several obstacles in his noble profession that of serving justice.



    Eeshwar Niwas curates a nuanced interplay between the characters as they get embroiled in a web of crime, betrayal, conspiracy and underworld. The series of unexpected events and the protagonist Bishan Khosla's tryst with the same convincingly gives out an adrenaline rush. The raw undertones in the Punjabi dialogues bring out the honest camaraderie between the characters.

    Your Honor Season 2: Release Date & Time Of Jimmy Shergill-Mahie Gill's Thriller DramaYour Honor Season 2: Release Date & Time Of Jimmy Shergill-Mahie Gill's Thriller Drama

    The writing by Ishan Trivedi sparks the right kind of excitement around the protagonist bracing himself to face a string of conspiracies from different sides. However, Your Honor Season 2's underwhelming aspect is that it does not let a particular plotline flourish completely and the continuous shift in the different chain of events may appear to be chaotic and jagged. Apart from this, some characters and events especially from the storyline of Khosla's son prison duration have a sense of ambiguity so one finds it difficult to relate with the pace. In some areas, the screenplay looks ragged and there is a sense of disengagement from the rest of the plot.


    Needless to say, it is Jimmy Sheirgill who breathes life into his titular role as Bishan Khosla. The man proves to be an efficient anchor of the show as he carries it on his shoulders with his balanced and nuanced performance. Be it his character's emotionally charged up scenes or his tender moments with his son, Sheirgill is convincing in every frame.

    SonyLIV 2.0 Announces New Shows, Starting With Jimmy Sheirgill's Your HonorSonyLIV 2.0 Announces New Shows, Starting With Jimmy Sheirgill's Your Honor

    If there is another cast member who is a sheer visual delight with his performance, it is Zeishan Quadri as the vengeful brother. His act proves to be a show-stealer in many scenes and there is not a dull moment whenever he is on screen. Apart from that Mita Vasisht and Kunj Anand are another of the cast members who have a certain rawness and realism in their respective roles. Richa Pallod delivers an intense act and had a larger scope of growth this new season. However, Gulshan Grover and Mahie Gill being new cast additions and being a powerhouse of talents are not utilised to the fullest. Their characters lack a strong foundation and one cannot develop a full sense of interest around them. Pulkit Makol looks charming and real but still has more room to perform.

    Technical Aspects

    The cinematography by Santosh Vasandi is a major high point that showcases the tense backdrop of the courtroom scenes or the rustic but conspiracy-driven nooks and corners of Punjab in a realistic manner. The production design is nuanced and acts as a strong catalyst for the plot. The music by Karel Antonin does its task of setting a sombre and pensive backdrop of the plotline.


    Your Honor Season 2 consists of more or less all the elements that may strike a chord with the fans of the first season. Watch this one to relive Jimmy Sheirgill's powerful act as Judge Bishan Khosla. We give Your Honor Season 2, 3 out of 5 stars.

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