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    Critics Review

    • Background: After getting successfully through Ghajini movie the combination of Surya and director Murugadoss coming up with yet another high volatage performance movie 7th Sense its dubbed version Tamil movie "7am arivu". Producers Subramanyam B & Rupesh Y purchased the telugu rights of this movie and releasing on the same day in Andhra Pradesh.

      Story: Bodhi Dharma (Suriya) is an ancient Indian warrior who is an expert in martial arts and also a very good doctor who could treat any type of disease. He transferred the rich Martial Art and Ancient Medical Science of India to China. When he reaches a small village of China, villagers treat Boddhi Dharma as inferior and keep him away.

      Later when he cures an unknown deadly disease prevailed in the village and fought with enemies, people respect and treat him as a god.

      After hundreds of years, China plans a bio war on India. They send a Chinese martial expert, Dong Lee (Johnny Tri Nguyen) who is also good at hypnotizing people when they are in his field of sight. He injects the virus into a street dog and goes in search to eliminate a young scientist Subha Srinivas (Shruti Haasan), who has researched that Bodhi Dharma can be brought back if his sample of DNA matches with another sample of DNA from the successor of his family.

      Subha comes to know that Aravind (Suriya), a circus man’s DNA matches to that of Bodhi Dharma and follows him. Meanwhile Operation Red will be successfully started by Dong Lee. Now Subha and Aravind have to bring Bodhi Dharma back to control the almost uncontrollable Dong Lee. How they do that is the rest of the story.

      Artist Performance: Surya is fabulous as Bodhidharma and also  Jhonny’s screen presence is good and carried off his character with ease. Shruti Haasan looks fabulous but as far as histrionics are concerned, she is just okay as the scientist Shubha.

      Technical Department: Cinematography is top notch and must be appreciated. The movie looks brilliant visually. Music by Harris Jayaraj is good. Yellelama and Oh Ringa Ringa are catchy. Dialogues by Sri Rama Krishna are okay. Rajeevan’s art needs a special mention. He brought out the 5th  century works to screens with perfection. The first 20-25 minutes where Surya is introduced as a legendary ancient King and the scenes in China are just simply superb.

      Analysis: Surya is the show man of the movie, Story of the movie is brilliant, which director added some commercial elements in second which lacks the actual theme of the movie. Its very tough to make a movie which is based on novel story but director Murugadoss proved once again making a good technical movie. Finally thier is no striaght release in telugu this week so this movie can make gain to the producers untill another big release in tollywood.
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