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Critics Review

  • Overall, Aadu Magaadra Bujji is another romantic action entertainer. Though it does not offer anything new and fresh in terms of story, Krishnareddy has tried his best to keep you engrossed in the film, which is sure to impress all classes of audiences.
  • Where AMB strikes a chord, is in its witty dialogue here and there. The vulgarity that creeps in at places could have been avoided. Technically, it is an average fare. The music and cinematography are not that adequate. A predictable film with a few funny sequences and that's all.
  • Definitely, Sudheer Babu’s energy needs to be tapped by a still more matured director. Overall, AMB leaves much more expected and very less delivered. Commercially, AMB might open well in some areas for high promotions of Sudheer Baby six packs. A long run is definitely doubtful.
  • Aadu Magaadu Ra Bujji has been tailored to showcase Sudheer Babu’s talents. But the film as a whole is quite mediocre. Other than a decent first half and some comedy scenes, this film is quite routine and cliched.
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