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Anando Brahma (2017)(U/A)

Release date 18 Aug 2017

Critics Review

  • గొప్ప సినిమా అని చెప్పలేం కానీ.... ఫస్టాఫ్‌లో వచ్చే హారర్ కాస్త భయపెడుతుంది, సెకండాఫ్‌లో శ్రీనివాసరెడ్డి, తాగుబోతు రమేష్, వెన్నెల కిషోర్, షకలక శంకర్ చేసిన కామెడీ పార్ట్ కడుపుబ్బా నవ్విస్తుంది. టైమ్ పాస్ కోసం వెళ్లేవారికి ఎంటర్టెన్మెంట్ గ్యారంటీ.
  • Anando Brahma gives a new twist to the genre that will be liked by the genre lovers. Comedy worked out so well in the second half to an extent that it has covered its flaws and weaknesses. You may watch it if you are a fan of horror comedies. Anando Brahma works despite treading familiar territory.
  • On the whole, Anando Brahma is a neat horror comedy which has some hilarious fun during the second half. The film has been cleverly laced with entertaining episodes that will surely leave you in splits. Outstanding performances by all four comedians and short run time are huge assets. As the film is made on a tight budget, the makers will surely see profits. Finally, If you ignore the simple first half, this film will surely make your weekend quite enjoyable. Go watch it.
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