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Anthaka Mundu Aa Tarvatha (U/A)

Audience Review

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23 Aug 2013
By : Radha

On : 2013-08-23 14:43:22

Anthaka Mundu Aa Tarvatha is a Good Movie with Intense Love Story

Like his all previous movies Director Mohan Krishna Indraganti has made his mark in delivering a good product.

1st Half is Good and Entertaining.Songs are also well supported to the story.

2nd Half is Good with slight down here and there. But the Climax has lifted the movie very well.

Sumanth Aswin had improved from his previous movie Tuneega Tuneega. Heroine Eesha has done extremely well and taken the movie to next level.

Rao Ramesh,Rohini and Jhansi gave up their levels.It was so good to watch Madhu Bala onscreen but her performance was not upto the mark. Comedy dialogues by Srinivas Avsarala is extra plus for the film.

About music some good melodies are their and Director Mohan Krishna rocked in all the departments.

Overall, Good movie to watch with your entire family, friends and love. At last you can feel a good love story after decade in telugu industry.

Rating 3.5/5

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