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    Critics Review

    • Srinivas Avasarala, who has undergone acting training in USA, has won the heart of Telugu film goers with his perfect comedy timing in his debut movie Ashta Chamma. But the actor has now chosen a serious subject for his latest outing Aravind 2, which has been directed by A Film By Aravind fame Sekhar Suri. Although he has proved that he is talented and can do well in all kinds of roles, it is illogical script that stops him entertaining you.

      Aravind 2 is a suspense thriller, which has been made on par with Hollywood style. Srinivas Avasarala's performance is that main attraction in the film. Sekhar's wonderful screenplay, Vijay Kurakula's background score, Rajendrababu's picturisation, Venkata Naga's thrills and Venkatesh's art direction are other highlights of the movie. The biggest drawback of the film is that it lacks that much need sense of horror or suspense and also it has abundance of illogical scenes.
      Sekhar Suri himself has written story and screenplay for the film Aravind 2, which is all about a film director, who sets out to shoot a movie in the Dandeli forest, where he faces some unexpected situations. Although the movie has a simple storyline, what makes it a interesting watch is its execution on the screen, which is excellent. The director's narration makes you sit on the edge of the seat and watch the movie biting your nail. The movie opens up in a jungle with a violent accident and a murder.
      Police officer Banarjee takes the charge of investigation to trace the missing persons. After an hour, the story shifts to the Dandeli forest and the number of murders goes up by the end of the first half. But this portion, which has a couple of romantic songs, has too many loopholes and characterisation is also very confusing. The first half fails to create a sense of horror or suspense.

      The illogical scenes continues to crawl in the second half too. The movie turns dragging and its slow paced narration bores you at times. Even the climax fails to impress the viewers, who are sure to walk out of the theatre with a heavy heart. The editor could have trimmed its length to make it crispy.

      Director (Srinivas Avasarala) and Producer (Anchor Vijay) plans to shoot their film in the Dandeli Forest, where rent a guest house for hero (Kamal Kamaraju), second hero (Sri), Heroine (Adonika). A masked killer, who is staying in the forest, starts killing the members of the production team one by one. Who is this psychopath murderer? What are his motives? What happens in the end? Answers to these questions will for the rest of the story.

      Srinivas Avasarala, Kamal Kamaraju, Bannerjee, Madhavi Latha and Adonika have delivered excellent performance. But Ee Rojullo fame Sri has failed to offer a convincing performance and he is not suitable for the role of Aravind. At times, his performance appears to be irritating the viewers.

      Sekhar Suri has to take a larger share in failing to run a successful show and his weak and illogical script and confusing characterisation are the main reasons for it. The plot has too many drawback, which the director could have avoided by doing homework on it. In the technical front, K Rajendra Babu's cinematography is the main highlight. He has done excellent picturisation.

      Vijay Kurakula's sound tracks are average. His background score is very crucial for the movie, but that also fails to elevate many emotional scenes, which is one big drawback of the film. The runtime of Aravind 2 is very long and it tests the viewers' patience. The editor could have chopped down some dragging and unnecessary scenes.

      Aravind 2 has been promoted as a horror/suspense thriller. But you hardly feel it while watching the movie. You can skip this flick to watch any other old film.
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