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Bhookailas (U)

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27 May 2007
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Siva Nageswara Rao had several comedy films to his credit and the best among them are Money, Pattukondi Chooddam and Sisindri. The director tried to come out of that image and did Photo but it failed miserably as he has a brand name of comedy films director. This time, he has chosen his kind of film, that is comedy through Bhukailas with Venumadhav as hero. The story is about the real estate boom in Hyderabad that has been rampant with the announcement international airport at Shamshabad, ring road on the outskirts of the city and other such developments. The old fashioned direction has turned out bad.

Kailasam (Venumadhav) is a small farmer with a two-acre land on the outskirts of Hyderabad city. He earns his livelihood by selling milk in the city. He always curses his poverty, but he is very kind and Innocent towards the people around him. He is engaged to Bujji (Suhasini) and her father sells away his land for Rs.1 lakh and gives it to Kailasam as dowry. At this juncture, Kailasam saves a roadside astrologer (Rallapalli) when he is suffering from epileptic attack. He predicts that Kailasam has 'Maharaja Yogam'. As the government announces the Ring Road near their village, the land adjacent to the road are sold at a whopping price and all the villagers become rich. However, Kailasam's parents doesn't sell their land.

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