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29 May 2009
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Chukka Kalyanram has brought out another suspense thriller with Sivaji as the hero again after his blockbuster Mantra. The thriller penned by Yandamuri Virendranath has been directed by Matchakanti Diary revolves around a bungalow and a book. Though it was rumoured that the film is a sequel to Mantra, it has nothing to do with it.

Vamsi (Sivaji), the son of a realtor wants to buy a big independent bungalow and meets Kanchu Kanakayya @ KK (Dr Sivaprasad) and finalises one and pays the price through cheque. Vamsi tells his driver (Chinnikrishna) that they would finalise the deal the next morning and decides to stay back in the bungalow. Casually, he goes to a nearby village Jatara and saves a girl called Maya (Shraddha Das) when a person (Jeeva) tries to molest her. Maya follows Vamsi to the bungalow, but he does not allow her inside. When it starts raining, he is forced to invite her inside.

While going round the house, Vamsi finds a big library inside and a diary dated 2002. Though the writer has clearl mentioned that it is indecent to read some other’s diary, Vamsi continues with it. Vamsi visualizes all the incidents written in the diary. The writer of the diary Albert (Sridhara Rao) was in love with Mona (Mousami Udeshi) and they were leading a happy life. Unfortunately, Mona soon suffered from blood cancer and was about to die in a couple of months.

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