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Gaganam (U)

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11 Feb 2011
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Director Radha Mohan has chosen a hijack drama this time, the delicate emotions of passengers of the plane and the delay of bureaucracy in dealing with the terrorists and how the passengers are saved. Read on for Gaganam review.

Story: A flight from Chennai to Delhi gets hijacked within five minutes of its take off from Hyderabad. The hijackers wanted to take the plane to Rawalpindi in Pakistan, but the pilots insist on an emergency landing due to the mistake of one of the hijackers ,who spoiled one of the engines of the plane. So, the plane makes an emergency landing at Tirupati on the grounds of technical snag.

However, after its landing, the authorities come to know that the plane is hijacked. Then, the top officials of the government, like secretary to government, police authorities and NSG commandos reach the airport. There are married couple, unmarried youth, elderly people, a politician, an astrologer, a Christian father, and a child who is operated upon for a heart surgery. They are returning to Pakistan. As the trauma continues, one of the passengers gets killed by the hijackers, who demand that the government release a notorious terrorist called Yousuf Khan and Rs 100 crore money.

Central Cabinet discusses the issue for about two days even as the trauma of the passengers continues. The NSG chief Ravindra (Nagarjuna) pleads for a commando operation but the authorities refuse. Finally, a decision was taken to release Yousuf Khan. However, while bringing Yousuf Khan to Tirupati, the truck stuck by an avalanche and he dies in that accident. With no option to handover Yousuf Khan, the authorities give permission to Ravindra to take up a commando operation.

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