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Jagadam (A)

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16 Mar 2007
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Sukumar gave a big hit like Arya and Ram's debut film Devadasu was also a big hit. The film starring the duo started creating a lot of hype right from the start of the shooting. In fact, the storyline is based on the theory of Sigmund Freud - 'There is a beast mentality in every human being. It generally emains suppressed but emerges from within depending upon the situation and the condition.
         Sreenu (Ram),unlike other children, enjoys when he sees a person beat up others. This is because, during his childhood, his father Macha Balaram (Raghubabu) used to beat the doorframe to console him whenever he fell on the floor. Moreover, he adores Manikyam (Pradeep Rawat), who is a goonda, as everyone is afraid of him. He enjoys the frightened look in others and himself feels like a Hero. Though he behaves like a ruffian, he realizes that one should have a strong backup or support of a politician or a big dada, who has a gang.

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