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Jai Bolo Telangana (A)

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04 Feb 2011
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2Director N Shankar is known for bringing out some revolutionary films and this time, he has chosen to mould the current struggle for a separate Telangana state. In order to attract the crowds to the theatres, he has roped in artistes like Jagapatih Babu, Nagineedu, Smriti Irani, AVS and Siva Reddy. He has almost succeeded in portraying the struggle by incorporating several contemporary incidents that had occurred including the students’ movement. He has also perfectly mixed a love story, as an under current in order to make the film worth watching and otherwise, the subject would have been like a documentary and completely dry. Read on for Jai Bolo Telangana review.

Jayamma (Smriti Irani) is a kind hearted woman, whose husband Bandagi Gopanna (Jagapatih Babu) has sacrificed his life for the sake of Telangana movement. Not only Gopanna, but also his grand father laid down his life in Telangana Raitanga Sayudha Poratam, and Gopanna’s father also fought the Nizam rulers and lost his life for the Telangana people. After Gopanna's death, his followers want his friend Varshit to take this struggle forward. But he refuses to do so as he doesn’t want to sacrifice his wife’s ‘Thali and Pasupu-Kumkuma’ at an early stage as he is in love with Sahaja. Meanwhile, he realises the ground realities. How the people of Telangana were struggling, how they are selling their gold and jewellery to educate their children, how the children of Telangana though excel in studies could not get jobs and how the people of Telangana were being cheated by the foreign agents in the name of jobs.

Though he joins the struggle for the separate Telangana state, the crooked politicians, industrialists try to suppress the movement by launching Samaikyandhra Movement in other parts of state. At this juncture, the statement of Union Home Minister P Chdambaram announcing the decision to start a process of state bifurcation comes like a breather. However, the formation of Srikrishna Committee sprinkles water on their enthusiasm. The politicians, industrialists suppress the students movement with the help of police branding them as anti-social elements. to separate the state, Jayamma launches a fast-unto-death which ultimately foiled by the police. What happens next will form the climax of the movie.

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