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Kavyas Diary

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05 Jun 2009
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Indira Productions is out with its latest film Kavya’s Diary which was completed long ago but could not see the light of the day till June 5.

Puja (Indira) and Raj (Indrajit) love each other and get married. Theirs is a sweet family with a daughter Amulya and a son. Raj builds a sweet home and Puja, who is fond of gardening gets ample space in the compound for her garden. At this juncture, Kavya (Charmi) enter their life by saving Amulya from an accident.

 Abhi (Shashank) Raj’s brother visits theim during Diwali and falls in love with Kavya at first sight. Kavya tells Puja that whenever she loves something she loses that and hence she does not want to develop any feelings for anyone. But Raj and Puja insist and Kavya accepts Abhi’s love. Surprisingly, Abhi dies in a road accident soon after Kavya accepts his love. In fact, Kavya herself has murdered Abhi.

The flashback reveals Kavya’s husband as Dr Kiran, a gynaecologist, who misbehaves with and sexually abuses prospective mothers. Puja also gets a similar treatment and so she lodges a complaint with the Medical Council of India. Kiran is on the verge of losing his degree, job and everything if the allegations are proved. Some women, who have faced such ill-treatment from Dr Kiran also support Puja and the case becomes strong. With no other option left, Dr Kiran commits suicide.

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