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Krishnashtami (U/A)



2 hrs 14 mins

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174 Ratings

Release Date

19 Feb 2016
Critics Reviews Audience Reviews Updated: February 20, 2016 10:20 AM IST

On the whole, Krishnashtami is just another commercial entertainer and has nothing much to offer, except for Sunil's impeccable comedy timing and dances.

`Krishnashtami` is your typical commercial stuff sticking to a template which was being widely followed in last decade or so in Tollywood. But the film still packs enough entertainment to end as a passable watch. Although predictable, emotions seem to have worked to a certain extent.

On the flip side, music should have been better but the production values make up for it to an extent. Set in a sandwiched Rural Rayalaseema plus Foreign backdrop, it is aimed at masses & families!. The film falls into the `time pass` category and you may watch it.

A Disappointment. Both First half and Second half fails to impress the audience and overall this movie lacks anything that appeals to audience.

Generally, audience are very used to Sunil’s comedy and crazy feats on screen. But sadly, that is missing big time with his role in Krishnashtami. Interesting interval bang and some comedy scenes here and there are basic assets of this film. Watch it only if you have nothing else to do as this film has nothing new to offer and ends up as a routine and outdated family drama.

A done-to-death formula that has a hero who sleepwalks through his role, a family that is uninteresting, a plot that is stale.

The perfect guide to watching Krishnashtami is simple. You know the template and you know what a family drama could be, based on the enormous number of films you’ve seen over the years. All you have to do is just imagine a story in your mind. Perhaps, that imaginary story in your mind would be more interesting and gratifying that we get to see in Krishnashtami. A big thumbs down.

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