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(A) (2009)

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31 Jul 2009
By : Sdfdsf

On : 2009-07-31 16:23:28

Rating: 3/5
Ramcharan and Kajal A princess and her bodyguard fall in love. The king's relative wants to wed her and in a battle that ensues, they all die. Four hundred years later they are reborn and the trouble repeats but this time all's well that ends well. The film sounded thrilling right from it's inception because the hit song Bangaru Kodi Petta was being remade. The sight of Chiranjeevi albeit for a few minutes makes you crave for his return to the silver screen but the dialogue from him praising his son makes the scene look ridiculous. The mutual admiration society should be kept out of the script and not hinder the narrative.

The contemporary actors all work hard on their body, dance well but little do they realize that 'grace' is an inherent quality that cannot be acquired by imitation. When the hero in this film brushes his mouch twice in a song, you are pushed into a state of denial. Even the charm, style cannot be acquired. When Chiranjeevi did Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari after many commercial films, it was the right subject and was rightly timed. A fantasy, historical subject should be attempted by any actor after doing a few more films, gaining the confidence, physique and the look.

Magadheera is a premature film for Charan. Infact the first film Chirutha was far more convincing with lot of sincerity visible on screen. Here the reincarnation subject does provide a lot of scope for drama but making a one film old hero to something huge as this like expecting a crawling child to run a marathon. The pressure of performing has outweighed his emotions. Horse riding, dances, action scenes are all a part of films but the important aspect is one should be able to convey the feeling on the visage. For a movie that is well made technically the actual narration falls short of being hollow.

The producer has spent in epic proportions but it's criminal that some scenes are made to jump from point to point without any actual narrative pacing. The last fifteen minutes is illogical and Srihari is reduced to being a dummy and just a tiny catalyst to unite the pair. A hundred percent effort has not clearly been put in to recreate history. The jewellery that the princess wears looks like imitation pieces.

KajalThis film is a plus for Kajal or vice versa. She has shown marked improvement in her expressions, and has lot of potential to do well. Sharath Babu looks apt for his role and Rao Ramesh sinks into his role with ease. All the songs make a pleasant hearing. One can't look for entertainment in such films, but the inclusion of Brahmanandam, Suneel did not help the film any way.

A pat on the back for the technical team, Magadheera is just an okay film, good in parts but nothing extraordinary that will make you want to watch immediately. The film doesn't connect or make sparks fly, it is attached with a lot of hype as the hero is a mega star's son and it is being directed by Rajamouli who is on a hit spree. This is definitely not the best from Rajamouli.

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