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    2013-09-20 14:59:58
    Watched Mahesh movie its boring with out proper mix of comedy and romance. In one word its all about a Aimless boy and his girl friend and a psychiatrist.

    Story is very simple. A guy with no aim in his life who is a student in college falls in Love with first sight and later marriage her and have child but after that also he remains same. heroine's brother a psychiatrist who is searching for person called Mahes and he becomes normal in the end.

    First half is unnecessary comedy with too much double meaning dialogues Family audience can skip without second though.

    Second half will run on the psychiatrist. The climax will became routine nothing can e from this movie.

    The only saver of the movie can be Sundeep Kishan and Dimple Chopade's glamour. music is a big minus for this movie.

    Verdict: Routine story and director could have been concentrated more on story and music. This is not the right movie for the weekend.

    Rating - 2/5
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