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Maryada Ramanna (U)

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23 Jul 2010
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After the movie Magadheera, the audiences looked forward for the film of Rajamouli with lots of expectations. However, he announced that he was going to do a film with Sunil as hero and the film would not have any kind of heavy dose of action or violence but he was trying to show the other side of Seema culture, where the people are very hospitable and respect the guests with utmost honour. Surprisingly, Rajamouli, who so far handled powerful action entertainers, showed his prowess in delivering an excellent flick with perfect situational comedy.

Raghava Rao marries Ramineedu’s (Nagineedu) sister. However, the families differ on a point and factional feuds run between them. Raghava Rao comes to know that Ramineedu’s brother Ankineedu has returned from jail and to avenge his vengeance, Raghava Rao attacks him. Both Raghava Rao and Ankineedu die in the clash. Raghava Rao’s wife takes away his son Ramu (Sunil) to Hyderabad and brings him up there. After 28 years.

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