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08 Feb 2013
By : Merina

On : 2013-02-08 12:50:33

Mirchi Review: 3/5

Story: Prabhas (Jai) is a easy going and fun loving guy living in Italy. He woos Richa (Manasa) who asks him to forget her due to her family background in Palanadu. Prabhas befriends Subbaraju, Richa's brother in Hyderabad and visits their home for a month. He tries to change the violent and vengeful mindset of her family members to make her happy. Later, he reveals his true identity and his real reason for staying with her family.

The rest of the movie deals with his past, is own family and whether he is able to change Richa family's violent mindset.

Prabhas finally gets an author backed role which showcases his macho side as well as his acting abilities. He was convincing in his portrayal of a character which has several shades and under played where necessary.Richa gets a glamorous role and does justice to her character.

The dialogues have been written very well and there are a few punch dialogues are clap worthy. The production values were rich, the background score is amazing and the music is good.

Plus Points:
Prabhas performance
Anushka and Richa
Dialogue and Screenplay
Action sequences
Songs and BGM

Final Word:

There is a strong emotional and moral base for the movie which is sure to strike a chord with the audience. The first half is entertaining and the second half is the life of the movie which ends with good climax.

Movie Rating:
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