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Money Money More Money

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26 Aug 2011
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Produced by Ram Gopal Varma and directed by Siva Nageswara Rao, Money, with JD Chakravarthy, Chinna, Jayasudha and Paresh Raval in the cast was an instant hit. Later, a sequel had come to the film as Money Money. After a long gap, JD, who turned a director, brought out a film named Money Money More Money. Of course, only two characters, Khan Dada and Chakri, there is no resemblance to the earlier two films in this movie. In fact, it is the freemake of JD’s Bollywood film Darwaja Band Rakho, which he made with an inspiration by a Hollywood flick Attack the Gas Station. Let us see how it has fared in Telugu.

Abbas (Mukul Dev), Chakri (Chakravarthy), Raghu (Brahmaji) and Goga (Kevin Dev) are friends. Abbas once a rowdy-sheeter turns a black-marketeer of film tickets. Chakri works in a hotel, while Goga runs a pan shop. All of them turn jobless as their shops are removed due to road-widening. Raghu works as a car driver but resigns unable to adjust with quarrelling wife and husband, who were his employers. They wanted to earn easy money and plan a kidnap. They select Maggie (Tara Alisha), daughter of a millionaire Jagadish (Nagababu) and kidnap her. They choose Khan (Brahmanandam), who was once a big realtor, turns bankrupt due to slump in business and keep Maggie in that house.

Khan’s wife, son (Ping Pong), daughter, mother-in-law (Ramaprabha) and servant maid (Mayuri) stay together in the building. As Jagadish went abroad, the gang of four had to wait for his return. Meanwhile, they were forced to take into hostage, a pizza delivery boy (Venumadhav), a sales girl Trisha (Gajala), a constable (Rajiv Kanakala), a money lender (Jeeva) and his son Sunil Shetty, because all of them visit the house when the gang of four keep Maggie as hostage in the same house to maintain secrecy. However, as the time passes, Maggie and Chakri fall in love, while Trisha and Raghu too lose heart to each other. But Abbas, who had a criminal background, thought of bumping of all the three others and escape with the money and Chakri wants to save all of them including all the hostages. The remaning part should be seen on-screen.

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