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Naa Style Veru

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12 Jun 2009
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Dr Rajasekhar has a passion to remake popular South Indian films. Naa Style Veru is the remake of the successful Malayalam film Hello. It is a love story between a 40+ man and a 20 year girl. However, the story has failed to repeat the magic in Telugu and the film has turned out to be a big dud in Telugu.

Sivaram (Rajasekhar), a lawyer is the son of a magistrate (Chalapati Rao) and the brother of an ACP (Benarjee). Sivaram accepts a case and gets the son of an MLA punished after an innocent girl pleads with him about the innocence of her brother. Sivaram loses his heart for that girl, but Sivaram’s parents do not allow their marriage. She commits ‘suicide’. After that incident, Sivaram gives up his practice and becomes a drunkard.

At this juncture, Parvati (Bhumika) whose life is under threat calls up Sivaram for help. Sivaram saves her and takes her to his home. Soon her father (Vijaykumar) returns from the US after a surgery. By that time, some others kidnap Parvati from Sivaram.

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