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Orange (U)

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26 Nov 2010
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In order to give a break from the mass image to Ram Charan Teja, director Bommarillu Bhaskar has tried to portray his character as a ‘Lover Boy’ in Orange. To this extent, he made good efforts. However, Bhaskar has failed to select a good story for him and more so, he has tried to explain love in a new angle. He forget that love is not just mathematics and it can’t be calculated and measured as to increase and decrease in love with time gap. His concept is okay but the narration missed the bus. He confused the audiences and made them to grope in dark about the real subject in the movie.

Ram (Ram Charan Teja) stays with his sister (Manjula) and brother-in-law (Sanjay Swaroop) in Sydney. He thinks differently and lives in hiw own style. Ruba (Shazahn Padamsee) and Ram are in love. Like everybody she is too possessive about his love. She doesn’t like Ram smoking, roam around with his friends, even chitchatting with another girl friend. But to maintain good relationship, Ram lies around that he quit smoking, do not entertain any girl etc. AT some point of time, it gives Ram a ill feeling an finally starts avoiding Ruba.

As a result, he/she should resort to lying and concealing facts often. When one wanted to be his real self, it is impossible to impress the other person in love with him/her. Ruba doesn’t like Ram smoking, roam around with his friends, even chitchatting with another girl friend who was away somewhere through SMSes, and other such issues. In order to please Ruba, he had to lie that he quit smoking, didn’t answer SMSes and off the friends. This gives an ill-feeling in Ram and he avoids Ruba to be his real self. He gives a serious thought that there is a proportionate inverse activity between longevity and love. As the time pass by, the intensity of love decreases. The love turns conditional and it makes both the lovers search for ‘reasons’ to separate.

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