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07 Jun 2013
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Pavithra Review

Janardhana Maharshi had earlier directed a soft film like ‘Devasthanam' and the film almost remained as a film which could be screened in international film festivals but failed commercially. In his second step, the writer turned directed chose to bring out a masala film and brought out a film with a prostitute, politics and fake swamiji in its backdrop.

The film had all kinds of commercial elements that could attract the mass and youth audiences. However, the director says, the film is a must watch for all as it has a good message in it. The theatrical trailers earlier released has Shriya who played the title role as the USP for the project. The film had hit the screens today. Let us wait and watch how the film is.

Pavithra (Shriya), who had no other choice, opts prostitution as her business to save her mother from a life-threatening disease. She takes the assistance of her uncle (AVS) for this purpose. Continue reading the review in the photo slider.

After she takes up to selling her own skin, she meets several kinds of persons including politicians like Sudarshan (Saikumar), fake swamijis like Swami Sarva Roga Nirodhananda (Ravibabu) and several others. Though she was a call girl, she saves some models from the blackmailing of a photographer Siva (Sivaji) and gets him imprisoned.

In this backdrop, the corrupt MLA Sudarshan wants his son to introduce his son to politics. However, his son Munna (Kaushikbabu) is very shy and dull and has no attitude which daring and could not talk fluently because of those poor qualities. In order to bring him out of the introvert attitude and insipid quality, Sudarshan sends Munna to Pavithra.

What happens to Munna who goes to Pavithra? What was the situation that makes Pavithra to contest the elections and become MLA after the death of Sudarshan? Why the fake Swamiji contests in elections against Pavithra? What is the reason behind the entry of Pavithra into politics? How and why Siva try to attack Pavithra after escaping from the prison? What is the real message does Janardhan Maharshi wants to give to the society through the film? Answers to all these questions can be seen on screen.

Performance: Shriya with her excellent glamour, work experience as an actress, performed extraordinarily in the film. However, she had some over make up in the movie. (Of course, the prostitutes would have such kind of make up generally). Sai Kumar who played the role of a corrupt MLA also gave a superb performance and exits from the movie with grace. Being an expert in dialogue modulation and dubbing he did complete justice to his role. Ravibabu, who played the role of fake swamiji, worked excellently as he chose a different dialogue modulation. Other artistes like Tanikella, Yamdamuri, Telangana Shakuntala, Raksha, AVS did justice to their respective roles. Roja is okay as a deaf and dumb woman while Kaushik was shown as innocent, shy and insipid boy. Brahmanandam tried to tickle the funny bones of audiences as writer. He just appeared on the screen for a few minutes and left.

Technical: Cinematographer Suresh Kumar's work is just okay and Ramesh's editing needs to be a little sharper. Sreelekha's gave a few tunes which are hummable but all the songs are not that interesting but for a couple of melodious songs. Production value of Adesh Films are average. Dialogues penned by Janardhan Maharshi are also average and good in parts. Being writer, he could pen a good story and good dialogues for any kind of film. However, when it comes to the presentation on the screen, he still needs some more training. He could not present the heroine in the role of a sex- worker, and her transition from a girl to a sex worker and then from a prostitute to a politician. In one way, he failed to give a sketch on what kind of mental torture a girl has to face to take that kind of profession and explain it to the heroine of the film. However, being a seasoned artiste, Shriya was able to emote those scenes with ease. With an incredible screenplay and grip on the story, the director was able to run the film from the beginning till end.

Remarks: With the title role played by a very popular face like Shriya, and the audiences are very familiar to her glamour and curves, the film would definitely get good openings. However, how long the theatres could attract the people is unimaginable. However, being a small budget film, definitely the film would definitely get back its expenses very soon and start getting profits. The success of the film depends on how long the people get attracted to Shriya and her glamour. Show Thumbnail

Verdict: The movie is a must watch for all the fans of Shriya. Watch the movie to see her in a very different role she has ever acted in. Watch it to see a bold and beautiful Shriya.

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