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Pilla Zamindaar (U)

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14 Oct 2011
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The story is as old as films. Rich zamindar Nagineedu's son marries a girl against his wishes. As a result, he is deprived of the property. However Nagineedu realizes his mistake after his son and daughter-in-law are killed in an accident. He does not want his grandson too to go in his son's way.So, Nagineedu frames a will, which specifically mentions that Nani will inherit the property only after he fulfills certain conditions.

There is a catch here. Nani being filthy rich is used to a lavish lifestyle without caring a damn and he does not even respect elders or the lecturers and principal of the college. Nani now has to not only complete his degree course but he must do it in three years.

He should also stay in the hostel and manage with a very little money. The college is situated in a small village. Therefore, Nani is forced to change his lifestyle. Will he succeed in fulfilling the conditions laid down by his grandfather? whether the time spent in the college brings about a change in Nani. Answers to these questions form the interesting part of the story.

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