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Rachcha (U/A)

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05 Apr 2012
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After giving a flop in Orange, Ram Charan Teja is back with Racha. The audiences in general and fans in particular are keeping high hopes on the film. However, the film is coming from not a big director, but an able one like Sampath Nandi. Yet, people are having high expectations, as the film is coming from a successful production house like Megaa Super Good Films of RB Choudary. Let us seen, whether it has lived up to their expectations.
There is a village called Rayadurgam. Raghupati (Nazar) and Suryanarayana (Parthiban), the two good friends of the village, get killed when they were discussing about a ritual to be held for the welfare of the village at the Rachabanda. Scene shifts to another place. Betting Raju (Ram Charan Teja) is the foster son of a couple (MS Narayana and Sudha). He ekes out his living by accepting challenges and winning the bets. Once he wins a car race with James (Ajmal).

At this juncture, Raju’s father suffers lever cancer and he needs a lot of money to save him. James comes to his rescue, who challenges Raju to win the heart of Chaitra (Tamanna) and take away Rs 20 lakh. Raju agrees to the challenge. Chaitra is the daughter of Ballari (Mukhesh Rushi), a mafia don. Raju starts luring Chaitra and succeeds in it to realize that her life is in threat and her don father is not her original father. However, the real story is something different. What is it? What is the relationship between Raju and Chaitra? Who killed Raghupati-Suryanarayana? Answers to all these questions form part of the climax.

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