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Raraju (U)

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20 Oct 2006
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No doubt love is a universal subject and several directors moulded them in different ways. Raraju is no exception to these love stories. Love and sacrifice are two sides of a coin. But the different treatment to a love subject elevates the whole film. Producer GVG Raju had very recently brought out a different love story like Godavari and at the same time director Udayshankar is known for making films with sentiment. These two joined hands and chose a hero like Gopichand who has an action and mass image and a cute girl like Meera Jasmine as heroine for their film and presented a nice film like Raraju which had a right mix of action and love, coupled with a bit of sentiment.

Kali (Gopichand) is a typical personality. He is kind at heart and at the same time very rough when he deals with people in a different way when someone owed him money. He used to arrange public address systems and illumination for public functions and meetings. The local SI (Ankitha) is in love with Kali but the later keeps ignoring her. At this juncture Jyothi (Meera Jasmine) enters his life. Kali falls in love with her. But Jyothi makes it clear that she has a different aim to become an IAS officer and she was already in love with Surya (Sivaji).

She explains the tragedy that struck her life in the form of the accidental death of Surya. Learning her aim, Kali decides to help her and discreetly keeps helping her in fulfilling her ambition. She was able to write IAS examination and stands first in it. Surya's father (Chandramohan) tells Jyothi that it was Kali who was behind her achievement and they too are treating him like their son Surya. He tells Jyothi to marry Kali as he is very much in love with her. However, Jyothi could not share her heart with Kali as it was totally occupied by Surya. In the climax, Kali convinces everyone to let her live with Surya's memories and sacrifices his love.

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