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Romance (A)

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02 Aug 2013
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Overall, Romance is good entertainer, which youth will like to watch again and again. But when compared to Maruthi's previous productions Bus Stop and Ee Rojullo, this movie is not upto the expected mark. The film suffers from slow-paced narration, lack of entertainment quotient. Its double meaning dialogues may stop family audience coming to theatres.

‘Romance’ comes across as an attempt to blindly replicate the success of A rated entertainers like ‘Bus Stop’ and ‘Ee Rojullo’. But this movie does not come close to those two films in terms of entertainment quotient or pace. ‘Romance’ may earn some money in B and C centers due to the double meaning dialogues and vulgarity, but it ends up being a big disappointment.

'Romance' comes with the flavor of 3G Love and Saradaga Ammayitho more than Ee Rojullo or Bus Stop. It is a second-rate film doling out nothing more than a dose of titillation.

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