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    • Jagapathi Babu and Priyamani proved a hit pair, with two films in their combination ‘Pellaina Kothalo and Pravarakyudu were proved hits. In order to cash in on the sentiment and success, Kumar Brothers planned a film with them, introducing Karthikeya Gopalakrishna as director. However, the director’s immaturity and lack of vision proved their third film a big dud. It is not known, how the hero and heroine accepted the story as the characters which they played in the film were not suitable for them in any manner. Moreover, the haphazard screenplay, so many flashback episodes, made the audiences confused and felt that it is not possible (Sadhyam) to sit for two and a half hours.

      Suhani (Priyamani) is a timid girl. She feels lots of stress and confusion for petty things. She can’t concentrate on her work and frightens even for silly things. Once, she goes to the office and with the pranks played by her colleagues, the project which she had completed earlier gets totally damaged. Her boss warns her that she will lose her job if she doesn’t complete the project on that day. So, she stays back in the office till late in the night and completes her work. She decides to return home and finds her two-wheeler’s tyre was flattened.

      She comes out of the office to search for a taxi. At that juncture, a car speeds away from her side and meets with an accident. Suhani finds Krishna Prasad (Tanikella Bharani), an elderly man in the driver’s seat and provides him the medical care. He gains consciousness late in the evening. Krishna Prasad wants to gift her something and comes to know that she was afraid of everything. She starts shivering after watching a revolver with him. But Krishna Prasad pacifies Suhani and gives her the revolver with a bullet and advises her to shoot the person she hates the most and return the weapon before he leaves for the airport. He also gives his car to her.

      Suhani gathers courage and takes the weapon to take revenge against her enemies. She goes to her childhood friend Anita (Keerthi Chawla), who lied in the police station to grab the job from Suhani. Though she decides to kill her, she sheds the idea after knowing that she became mentally challenged after she joined the job. Suhani’s next target is her lover Sandeep (Jagapathi babu), who ditched her, but finds from the servant of the house that Sandeep died. What happens when she returned to guest house? Will she find the man, who is behind all the gory incidents that occurred in her life? who raped Anita? That concludes the rest of the story.


      Jagapathi Babu is okay in his role as a CBI officer and tried his best to manage to appear handsome and fresh with macho-man figure. However, the director failed to etch his character properly and hence it remained shallow. The teasing scenes of the heroine, his romance with the heroine appears good for the front-benchers. However, the film totally appears to be a heroine-oriented movie with a lot of footage on the heroine.
      Priyamani appeared gorgeous in the film. She filled the glamour slot perfectly. She always sports most modern and revealing dresses. In fact, the same was proved a curse for that character. The director, on the one hand tries to show her as a timid girl who frightens even for small issues, gave her such modern costumes. While watching her costumes, one would assume that she would be a daring and dashing girl, but it was not the case with the role played by her. The selection of wardrobe was totally wrong and beyond imagination.

      Keerthi Chawla, who made her screen presence after a long gap on the Telugu screen failed to gain the attention of the audiences. The director failed to establish the character in the first place and closed it abruptly. Other artistes including Tanikella Bharani, Kota Srinivasa Rao and Pragati did justice to their respective roles. Munna Venu and Jackie just come and go and has nothing much to play.


      Music by Chinni Charan is okay and passable. Though the songs are good and showed that the music director could give lilting tunes to suit the taste of the present generation audiences, the wrong placement of songs, made the audiences fail to enjoy them. All his efforts were wasted due to the incapability of the director. Camera work by Maro Palani is average and Gauthamraju’s editing is confusing. Too many flashback episodes bewildered the audiences, with no hint about the scene and no kind of curtain raisers. Dialogues are good in parts. The lackadaisical and haphazard screenplay made the film quite boring and made the audiences to walk away from the theatre for many times.


      The audiences, who look for a film with family-subject, when they watch the lead pair. However, the attempt to make a change over in the image proved futile and dangerous. The wall posters with the heroine’s romantic and revealing costumes helped in getting good openings. However, the mouth talk soon after the screening of the film would stop the audiences from entering the theatre any more as most of the people who watched the film commented that “Watching ‘Sadhyam’ (possible) is impossible”.

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